This is what I would classify as interesting.

The Modesty Survey

While I believe in modesty in dress and I believe that we ought to be thinking about how our dress will affect the men around us when we choose our clothing, I also think that people can focus a little too much attention on women alone with regards to modesty.

Can we have a similar survey about how women ought to be treated? About how men ought to dress? About what makes women stumble (are we not attracted to men by how they look)? Certainly there are millions of men out there (some Christian) who behave immodestly towards women even though they are fully dressed in modest attire. Can we talk about men’s bathing suits and how they can cause women to stumble? Can we get opinions from women about the kinds of (funny looking) suits that would be necessary to keep women from seeing a little too much man-skin?

I really am all for modesty. Please don’t take anything other than that fact away from this mini-rant. I do get the feeling though that many men would be turned on no matter what efforts were taken (some that really should be taken) to curb the tide of rampant immodesty in our society. We need to remember too that there are obviously still sexual indiscretions in countries where women are required to be FULLY covered from head to toe. In such instances a pair of flirting eyes can say just as much to a virile man as a scantily covered bouncing rack. In fact, I think placing legalistic boundaries on women’s clothing objectifies women almost as much, though obviously in a different way, as Playboy centerfolds do.

I know that the site that did this survey said that the vast majority of respondants believed that they hold the same amount of responsibility for not lusting as the women who must dress modestly to help them in their desire to remain pure. But if this were truly the case, would they not have thought about conducting a survey about what makes women stumble? How their own dress, talk and behavior can come across as immodest or imprudent? And about ways that could help them to redirect, or repent of, their thoughts when they feel them going by the harlot’s front door (ala Proverbs).

It seems sort of like an argument between a husband and a wife where one person says, “It’s both our faults… but let’s just talk about you okay? I’ll deal with me… I’m my own problem. But, for discussion’s sake, let’s just talk about the you factor.”

I find that to be a trifle unbalanced.

3 thoughts on “Hmmm… Interesting…

  1. I’m all for modesty also. Everyone needs to cover up more. I don’t even like sleeveless shirts. I cringe every time I’m out in public and am tired of being exposed to too much!

  2. I think if you take into account that the men doing the surveying are quite young – it mitigates it somewhat. I’ve worked with teenage youth. There is a real problem with teenage women claiming the name of Christ but refusing to accept any responsibility for their clothing. We would literally beg these girls not to come to church in mini skirts and then sit across from the boys with their legs spread. The girls thought it was funny. They didn’t care that you could see their underwear. And we actually had several young men were truly committed to purity. That only made them more of a target for the girls. I don’t think this survey is placing the blame on women. I think it’s an attempt to get teen girls to stop acting like their auditioning for Sex in the City.

  3. I definitely agree wity you, blest, that provocative dress has largely become the norm. It’s degrading to go to the mall without being affronted by some of the store-front windows.I do remember when dh was a youth pastor that he would almost have to look at the ceiling the whole time to avoid the skirt problem you speak of.Perhaps I was a bit “punchy” upon my initial reading of the survey (and I didn’t read the whole site.) I suppose I was partly just surprised by the extent of some of the questions… as well as some of the answers. It’s obvious that some guys will stumble no matter what a girl does or wears and yet the answers made it obvious that there were also plenty who were realistic.No matter what, it is encouraging that these kids actually care.Thanks for commenting!Nan

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