It is becoming a yearly tradition that our church holds an art display around easter time where entrants submit a piece of work that reflects a certain theme. Last year’s theme was “Jesus is King of the whole world.” I entered a poem. Here it is:

On Earth
By Nancy Doud

If the whole world knew He was King
would the heavens sing?
For the glory of God
where He once did trod
would the rocks cry out
if His people fail to shout it out?
If the world was on His team
would they join us in the theme?
Why on earth should we wait
until we’re standing at heaven’s gate?
Are we not there right now?
Did He not show us how?
When does eternity start?
When I die or today in my heart?
Could it ever be too early or late
to worship the one who is great?
Could it be too early to live and love
on earth as is done above?

Genesis 3:15
And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.

This verse inspired this poem that I wrote just now which is also the theme of this year’s art display:
Jesus, the One Wise Hope
By Nancy Doud

A wise hope.
A heavenly rope.
A ladder reaching down,
He laid aside his crown.
No loud trumpets echoed their sound
when holy feet touched the ground,
He took a body made of clay
To eat, to weep, to pray.
Heaven’s right he did not grasp
So he might crush the ancient asp.
In one final breathless groan
“It is finished.” said the stone
The builders had rejected,
Destitute, despised, dejected.
Worthy, worthy is the lamb,
This God who took the form of man,
Who gave us life and breadth and scope
Jesus, himself is the one wise hope.

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