This post has nothing to do with money actually. Have you heard the phrase, “That’s money!” My husband uses this phrase a lot now for some reason. It pretty much can be used interchangeably to mean, “That’s awesome” or “That’s priceless.”

Two nights ago I sent my oldest son downstairs after he had gotten ready for bed. He is now allowed to stay up later than his little brothers, provided that he does something quiet and useful with his time. He was sent downstairs with the instruction to do some free reading. He could read Narnia (he’s on his second book in the series now), one of his library books or anything else that he wanted to read.

I came down the stairs after getting everyone else tucked in to find him reading two chapters ahead in his history book. We just finished learning about Julius Caesar and the next chapters were about Augustus Caesar and about the beginning of Christianity — the birth of Christ.

He raced right through the first chapter and upon seeing what the next chapter was, decided that he simply could not put the book down. His eyebrows went up in an arch of excited surprise as he said, “They have Jesus in this book! It’s in History books!” As he read it, he would stop every few sentences and read something back to me that he had just read.

Somewhere in the middle of the chapter he looked up and with a great sigh of relief said, “This is the best part of history.” Amen little man! Amen!

He kept reading… and as he set it down after finishing the chapter, full of relief and satisfaction, he uttered, “Finally! Finally I’m reading about true religion! No other religion has someone who rose up from the dead and went into heaven.” (Does he have a little off his father in him or what?!)

It was neat to see that his faith has grown to the point where his heart wants to explode with pleasure and joy at realizing more and more that this thing, this salvation, that is now true of him personally, was instigated by God at a real point in history… that not only is Jesus someone who is changing his life but someone who changed the life of the world.

As he kissed me and headed off to bed that evening I watched him go and I thought to myself, “Now, *that’s* money!”

4 thoughts on “Money Moments

  1. That IS money! Sweet little guy! You have a mini version of hubby going on there.Wish I could see you all.

  2. Andie, it’s funny because that very quote reminded me of something he said when he was three. When he was three (a precocious three) he had what would probably be the closest thing to his conversion experience (not that I believe he needs a particular date to point to.)We gave him a little bible that night that my husband happened to have sitting in his office. A Gideon Bible. So dh wrote his name in it. When he looked at the front, it had a Canadian flag (being from the Canadian chapter of the Gideons). Amazed, he exclaimed, “They have Jesus in Canada?!” So cute!Thanks for sharing in my appreciation of the moment folks!

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