As you know, I homeschool my kids. History is a high point for all of us. We all love reading and listening to history. Christian history is best, I believe, when weaved (as it was/is in reality) in with the rest of world history. It fits. All of history is part of God’s story and part of His plan for the glory of Christ.

I just discovered a neat page on the web that puts stories of Christian “heroes” of the faith into kid friendly language. These are produced sort of as pamphlets that can be used in Sunday School bulletins or other mass hand-outs but the stories themselves are archived online and available for you to read to your child.

I will be employing these throughout our history reading and weaving them in where they fit on the timeline as part of the whole picture of the history of the world. They might be some good conversation pieces for you and your kids.

Check them out.

Please note: These are dramatized and somewhat “cute” renderings of events in the lives of real people. They are not meant to be anything more than a way for your child to “get in the shoes” of these various people (ranging from martyrs, to early Christian monks, to “modern day” missionaries.

6 thoughts on “Christian history for kids

  1. I tell ya, you never know what will freak people out. I just followed a link from my statcounter that led to a blog where someone linked back to this post and said, “Eek. Does this woman think she is educating her children?” And her first commenter suggested that this post qualifies me as the next Andrea Yates. Who knew missionary stories were so sinister!

  2. So, does this mean they’re against homeschooling?!? Um, I’ll check out your history links. Thanks for them.Found you through JennaG’s site. I will surf sometime through your history and catch up.

  3. Thanks Coach J. :^D It’s nice to meet you.I’m pretty sure they are probably just against Christianity in general fromwhat I could gather (which was not much). Oh well. They are entitled totheir opinion.

  4. Ahh, the bad parts of blogging! Let it roll of your back, my new bloggy friend! Thanks for the history link. I’m back from wikipedia where I had to look up “rock the casbah”. I’m nothing if not well-informed! lol How interesting that I never heard of it and I’m married to a military man!

  5. Gee. I hope you teach your children that ALL history is written by the winners, and that there’s always an agenda.That would include the stuff put down in the bible.

  6. Hi Cat. This is silly. Really silly. And your comment actually has *nothing* to do with the content of my post, but I’ll indulge you for a moment.These stories that I referenced are not about anybody from the Bible. Maybe you didn’t notice that? They are dramatized adaptations of the stories of events in a singular person’s life. And, you might note that not all of them were winners. Many of them died. Not exactly winners writing their own histories.Calm down and don’t get catty or I’ll close the comments on this one too. Talk about me elsewhere if you wish (I really couldn’t care less) but I didn’t bring up the whole discussion over at Wordflare. Keep the negativity over there please.

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