Just. Wow.

Ladies, if you ever want a spiritual kick in the pants. If you want to hear a woman speak specifically to women about what ought to be our focus in all of life, about “What’s my point?”, about the glory and majesty of Jesus. Go. Buy. This. DVD. Now! It might seem a bit steep for one session of a women’s conference but there is enough in this one DVD for a few sessions. I am already planning on watching it again because literally all of it was quoteworthy.

A group of ladies from our church got together last night and watched a DVD from the international women’s conference of our denomination (PCA). The speaker was the very well spoken Mrs. Paige (Benton) Brown. While I have never been to the national WIC (women in the church) conference, I have been to a good handful of regional conferences where some of the speakers from the national conference were the keynote speakers. However, never at any of them have I heard such confident and stirring teaching of the Word. It was almost shocking, so refreshing was it. It was free of frills. It was humbling. It was moving. And most importantly it was Christ exalting. Paige doesn’t mince words. She calls it like it is and her words cut right to the heart of some of our excuses and idols. It was interesting listening to her last night as some of what she said was similar to yesterday’s IOW post.

If you ever want to be blessed with the sound teaching and wisdom of a fellow woman in Christ, this is the one I would recommend. It’s not that the topic is necessarily specific to women only. Indeed, nothing could be further from the truth. But I think to hear it from a woman — in the context of women discipling other women — it was just powerful. She calls us to think more highly of Christ and to dig deeper into him.

I hype music groups that I like frequently. I sometimes hype fashions that I have somehow become enslaved to. I hype books that have meant a lot to me. But rarely do I hype a speaker. So I’m making an exception today. (Oh and just so you know, I’ll make an exception when my husbands’ sermons come up online in the form of podcasts… I’ll shamelessly link him too!) I just felt that this was something I had to share with you all.

11 thoughts on “Paige Benton Brown

  1. I have never heard of this person. I am glad you were so blessed by her. You must live way up north to still have snow! I’m sorry, so very sorry–and here I sit in 70 degree weather! I did my time in the north, so I can tease a little! We lived in North Dakota and Washington state! Have a great day.

  2. Hi Jenna,We are in Canada. But we are Americans. :^) (Both from California actually.)Oh and as for the exclamation points… I am seriously guilty of this crime! LOL

  3. Nan, Good to know. We are always looking for new DVD sets for Bible studies at church. I look forward to this one! I would trust any of your recommendations, of course.

  4. I’ve only seen this one DVD from the conference but it was so good all of us decided that we wanted to get more of them and have more evenings like this in the future. I hope the other ones are as good.

  5. I COMPLETELY agree! I think Paige is one of the most GIFTED people on the planet.After hearing this teaching last fall in Atlanta, I bought the dvd and invited our entire CHURCH to watch it too. So glad you were blessed! AND that I found your blog because of your post.THANK YOU for your ministry!Your sister in Christ,Tara

  6. I LOVE Paige Benton! She is the best female speaker I have EVER heard….She is so motivational, and she speaks from the only Absolute Truth- God’s Word. I can’t imagine listening to her, and not being motivated to get out there and MOVE…I heard her in Atlanta speaking on “Mercy”. I will never be the same…..I have lost my tapes because I loaned them out so many times. How can I get a copy of her DVD, or a CD? 🙂 TRACY

  7. Hi, Just wondering if you’d let me know the name of the DVD. I clicked on the link, and it doesn’t say. Thanks. I’m really interested. Email me if you have a chance.

    LA LA’s last blog post..Ira Says Goodbye

  8. Paige use to teach here in Dallas, before she was married, and I miss her teaching so much. I didn’t know there was anything of hers recorded. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Hey there!
    If any of you are interested…we are hosting a conference in Upstate New York this October that will feature Paige as our main speaker. Also, Carrie…we’re inviting a contingency of women from Dallas and will hold a kick-off dinner near Travis Walk this Tuesday night (6/10). Email me at: if you’re interesting in joining us and/or inviting friends! I can forward you the evite.

  10. I was blessed to attend several series of lectures by Paige when I lived in Dallas.

    WOW does not begin to cover the elation one feels listening to Paige speak – shout – from her heart the magnificance of Christ.

    I will never forget her.

    And I pray she keeps on speaking, and lecturing, and writing, and enlightening us all.

  11. I’d love to buy this DVD but I can’t get the link of the DVD to work. Could you let me know the name and where to get it?

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