If you haven’t made Pageflakes your homepage yet. Go there and do it now. It’s such a cool set up. Very very user friendly.

Just thought I’d share.

UPDATE: Okay, so I just found Pageflakes today and I already LOVE it. It’s incredibly easy to use. Did I mention that? It’s very Mac. That, my friends, is a major compliment coming from this Apple lover! But on top of this, I have to say I was incredibly surprised to receive an e-mail from Ole Brandenburg himself saying “Thanks” for posting about Pageflakes on my blog. Now that’s a guy who is dedicated to his business!! I felt sort of especially special for having received this e-mail from him but he assured me that all users of his application are special! Which, if you ask me, is pretty darn special! I don’t know of many companies that are so forward with their users.

So in less than a day my estimation of Pageflakes has gone from really good, this morning at the 3 minutes it took me to feel comfortable with it being my permanent homepage, to GREAT upon knowing that this kind of entrepreneur still exists! Go capitalism! :^D

4 thoughts on “Oooh! Check this out!

  1. Nan, I LOVE all of your memory lane entries for the past couple of days…it’s all coming back to me now! =). Your dad was cool, Nan. I loved when he would let us drive the mustang in parking lots, and the suburban on the vacation to Lake Shasta, too.

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