We think, therefore we blog.

Blest at Blest with Sons just awarded me a Thinking Blogger award. I told her I was tickled pink. And for me to use the words “tickled pink” is noteworthy in and of itself. It’s sort of like me saying, “Well, bless my soul in the bosom of Abraham!” It just never happens.

Thanks Blest!

Now I get to turn around and award some of my favorite bloggers!

#1 What kind of wife would I be if I did not hand an award off to my wonderful husband? Besides the fact that he is my husband, his blog, though not updated often enough (nudge nudge, wink wink, hint hint, kick kick, smack smack) is always thought provoking when he does. Perhaps a steady stream of new visitors will make him a more faithful blogger? It’s worth a try anyways!

#2 I give my second award to Amy at the Foil Hat blog who always makes me laugh with her clever writing and jaded (well as jaded as mine anyways) sense of humor!

#3 Goes to Pamela at The Dust Will Wait. I just like Pamela. She’s funny and refreshing!

#4 Not that Ree at Confessions of a Pioneer Woman needs a little award handed over from me when she has received real live tangible awards. But I still must. Ree is incredibly funny. She will be famous in more than just the blogosphere in no time I believe.

#5 Last but not least, I award Cyndi at Two Edge Talk for her very thought provoking podcasts and equally thought provoking conversations that she moderates in the comments section of her blog.

4 thoughts on “Well, I never!

  1. I enjoy #’s 2-4, I’ll have to check out #’s 1 & 5.I haven’t stopped by in a while, and, wow, I love the new look here!

  2. Nan, You are too kind! I’m not sure the “thinking blogger” title is warranted, particularly on the latest podcast when all I say is, “Wow, really?” most of the time! Your blog is so fun and inviting! Why, oh why, did you lure me in here, you little temptress? I sense more unfinished laundry in my future…..

  3. I read early this a.m. and came back to comment this evening.It’s a blessing to have you mention me… as I think highly of your blog and read it every day that you post. (don’t alway leave a calling card… but always read it)I’m still not used to looking for Lunchbox… it was such a suprise to see it on my bloglines the day you changed it. How does it do that?Thank you for your vote… and including me in such good company, too. WOWSER

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