Last night everyone was getting ready for bed while Dad, exhausted from a long but enjoyable day, decided to collapse in his recliner in front of the television. He happened upon a Rick Steves tour. Rick Steves is the picture of nerdiness but we love him. Not in the we-want-to-move-in-with-him sort of way. I just enjoy the views of these other countries that we have never been to and in all likelihood will never go that he provides.

Well, Ricky happened to be doing last night’s show on Israel. The children overheard this when they came out from brushing their teeth and they were drawn in and mesmerized by the narrator’s soothing voice. Or something.

Every time the kids heard a word that they recognized from the Bible or from the news they would say, “WOW! That’s what it looks like?!” or “The Sea of Galilee is a real place?!” It was great watching them see in full color the places where the real historical Jesus that they love actually walked and preached and performed miracles. Every time they recognized a place name, one of them would chime in with something from the Bible that they remember happening in that particular location.

We appreciate Rick Steves because he brings many perspectives together for each place that he takes us and he provides a brief synopsis of the history for that area as well, doing his best to weave in the various cultural and religious aspects of each location along with telling us where the best places to eat, the best places to stay and the best ways to get around and get the feel of the place.

During one portion of the show Rick was talking about when Jerusalem was destroyed. Our three year old obviously has a soft spot in his heart for this region. His bottom was cemented to his chair and his eyes riveted on the television. My husband called him “Jr. Partial Preterist” — little bit of eschatalogical humor.

Upon hearing the news that Jerusalem had been desolated in 70 A.D. he let out a disgruntled “Hmph! They destroyed Jerusalem?!?” Followed by a **sigh** while shaking his head.

5 thoughts on “Rick Steves elicits excitement from children?

  1. I love nerdy Rick too! We will probably NEVER get to go see all of those amazing places, but he sure makes it seem possible. If we get to take one, just one, overseas trip, I will be a happy girl, though!

  2. I’ve never watched Rick, but I do think going to the Holy Land would be the most awesome thing. And, I didn’t have to click on the eschatalogical link because I just finished Beth Moore’s Daniel study and I knew what it meant!!!

  3. I must be a bigger fan of Mr. Steves than all of you, for I actually own an official Rick Steves travel bag. That’s right. You know you want one.Nerdy, yes. But notice his name never was mentioned on the recent WTM discussion of embarassing crushes… that would just be, well, weird.

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