I’m hoping to start a chain reaction or a game of tag with this post so if you are reading it, consider yourself TAGGED! :^D I’m trying out Mr. Linky so make sure to add your link if you participate! (Oh and send anyone who reads your blog and wants to participate over here to sign Mr. Linky if they can so we can have all the links in one place!) And I wouldn’t cry if you left a comment too. :^D If you don’t know someone in the blogosphere in real life, what blogger would you most like to know in real life? Why?

Who in the blogosphere do you know in real life? Tell us how you know that person. Show us a picture (or a few) if you can. Tell us how excited you were (or how nervous?) when you found out they were blogging or when you convinced them to start blogging.

I know Corrie at One Gal’s Life in the Raw. We’ve known each other since 7th grade and have been close friends ever since, along with Julie who is the beautiful redhead pictured with us here. I have a feeling both of them might want to kill me after this. Fortunately I live too far from them for it to be possible. Of course, unfortunately I don’t live close to them so that we could go out to coffee at a moment’s notice either. That would be so fun.:

Corrie came on a family houseboat trip when we were just finishing 8th grade. If she didn’t want to kill me for the photo-booth one, I think I’ve ensured myself a priority spot on her hit-list for this one.

Corrie up and moved to Texas after 10th grade. I still remember how hard it was to say goodbye to her. Pretty much haven’t stopped missing her ever since! Here we are during a visit when we were Seniors in high school I believe.

We have always kept in close touch though and whenever we talk on the phone it’s as if no time at all has passed. I am confident we will remain friends until we are grandmas… except of course for me being on her list of people she would like to shoot repeatedly with a potato gun because of this post.

Both of us were in each others’ weddings (and Julie’s). Here is one from mine.

A couple of weeks ago when Corrie told me that she was thinking of starting a blog I almost jumped out of my skin with excitement because I figured she couldn’t help but be as funny and likable as she is in real life. And I was right. Her blog, so far has proven to be a sheer delight. And she already has regular readers and commenters. I think it took me 5 months worth of blogging to actually know if people read my blog regularly or at all! HA! :^D

I’m so happy she is in the blogosphere now. It makes our connection seem all the closer though we live a couple thousand miles away from each other.

So, who do you know? Or who do you wish you knew?

P.S. Feel free to go to specific people that you want to play and tell them that they are tagged!! :^D

15 thoughts on “Who do you know?

  1. It’s so sad- I don’t know anyone in the blogosphere. Maybe you don’t all really exist – maybe this is just a wonderful figment of my imagination! Actually, my daughter is starting a blog and I look forward to reading hers every day!

  2. Well, Robin, my friend… you didn’t follow the rules!! LOL ;^P Who in Blogland would you most want to know in real life?:^D

  3. Hey Nan, I am laughing so hard I could launch hot coffee through my nose. Of course, you remain one of my DEAREST friends. My comments:1. Were we actually trading seats in the tiny photo booth between shots? Am I biting your face? 2. I have no memory of shaving our legs off the back of the houseboat…I wouldn’t have believed it if it weren’t for the picture. I am mildly afraid of what other pictures could be out there that I have no memory of and they are probably in your possession =).3. I looked anorexic at your wedding. I hope I ate 6 pieces of that beautiful cake with the fresh roses on it! You, of course, were stunning, dah-ling!Does Julie know about your caniving habits? LOL

  4. Ha ha! :^D I had one other one that was just too cruel to post. It involves us playing cards on the houseboat and our hair… oh… our hair. Let’s just say I don’t think there were any mirrors on that houseboat. Not to mention Phil was making the face of a cadaver who died immediatley upon tasting a bite of rancid hassenpfeffer. *He* would seriously never forgive me for it! LOL!

  5. Oh! This sounds like fun! I just walked in the door, so I will do it after dinner!Thanks for visiting me!

  6. Oh, oh!! I’ll play, too!! I have a couple of friends in blogland, and I have a great picture!! I’ll link as soon as I get the picture posted!!

  7. Alright Nan. I’ll link up as soon as I can get some pictures scanned. Should I produce the pics of your husband now? I have some of “still reforming” too. I wonder how much he’d appreciate it? 🙂

  8. :^D Hee hee! I told Shawn he better participate in this one too. Post about whomever you wish. It will be fun(ny?) either way! LOL!

  9. Let’s see I know you and “RevGoT” starting from when the two of you and your two boys at the time moved up to the frozen wastelands.I know David at Rotundus since he’s been coming to our church.Then there’s “Clarkie” at gracefinder–even if he’s not in town–but I did get a chance to catch up with him a bit at Presbytery.I’ve also met Clint of Blessed Union and clinthumfrey.com, although I can’t say I know him very well.Also the person who can say they were my last roommate before I got married has a blog–but it’s been inactive for almost a year, and it contains some odd theology and profanity–so I won’t mention the name.So six that I am aware of who they are and have met.

  10. those photo booth pictures haunt me! why were we obsessed with them?!i love you nancy! i love you corrie! if only we could hang out – my life would be even sweeter. miss you much. xoxoxo juliep.s. just wait for my blog and pictures some day 🙂

  11. Ok, who would I WANT to know. Hmmmm…. I think it would be fascinating to meet Ree from Confessions of a Pioneer Woman although I don’t think I would have the stamina to keep up with her – she seems high energy to me! Also, I would like to meet Amy from My Heart’s Refuge http://www.osbornz.net/amy/ because hers is the first blog I ever read and I have followed her story for several years.

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