Well, I guess I’m the only one who has listed just one person I know who blogs in my “Who do you know?” game of tag from yesterday. And let’s face it, I’m a serial bandwagon jumper which is why I’m blogging at all. My husband made me do it. Blame him for my blogarrhea. So now I will tell you of a few other bloggers I know in person or by proxy.

Hmm… well, I guess you could say I know him. Yeah. I know him pretty well. We’re pretty close I’d say. I met him almost 12 years ago. I really mostly like him for his brains. But he does have a winning personality, a twisted sense of humor and well… frankly… he’s hot. He’s a hot pastor. (Ladies, if you go to my church and you are reading this, you are not allowed to dwell upon these converging facts. Got me?!) ;^P

I did, however, think him terribly nerdy for starting a blog back in ’05. I thought blogs were solely for people who like to hear themselves talk. Um. I’ll say no more on that point other than the tally of blog posts between he and I stands about something like this: Him – 80 posts since October 2005 (or thereabouts) Me – about 415 since March of 2006.

Mmmm feet are yummy.

I also know Jennifer from going to school and church with her for many years. :^D I was excited when I found out that she had started a blog because I just love keeping up with people from “the old days.”

I know Shaun from our high school days. I found him a couple of months ago while exploring the dark underbelly of Myspace.com. Just kidding. I found him on the nice fluffy friendly side of Myspace.com.

I’ve known my cousin Sara who is doing missions work in Africa right now for a long time. :^D

I know Papa and Mama Chanoli from our days back in California. They are friends of my brother but they also became our friends when we were neighbors for a little while. I don’t think they’ve been blogging since Christmas though.

I know Pilgrim from church. His wife and I are good friends and our oldest sons are good buddies too. :^D

I know Dave at Rotundus from church also. He is in our college and careers small group Bible study that meets in our home every Sunday evening.

I also know Erin who couldn’t take the cold so she got out of the kitchen. Wait a minute… strike that… reverse it… She couldn’t take the cold so she got the heck out of Canada and back to Texas as quick as she could… well, except for that lovely year and a bit that she lived here and let me get to know her!

And last but certainly not least I know this lady here. April is my best friend. We met on the first day of kindergarten and pretty much never willingly left each other’s side. We swore that we would go to college together, carpool there together, share an apartment and have twin boyfriends. That part, I think, was the creepiest part of the arrangement.

Here we are dressed as gangstas (um… for fun… to freak people out… we liked to freak people out whenever possible… more stories to come…) When a big guy in baggy pants at school saw this picture hanging in my locker one day he exclaimed, “Damn, you look good!”
I thought it best not to tell him that it was a joke.

Oh and after a Brady Bunch marathon one day we made an almost sacred vow to one another that we would never, ever under any circumstances, unless someone was calling for our immediate death or torture or sacrifice to the idols of fashion, that we would never wear a pair of bell bottoms. Well, both of us broke that little known 11th commandment a couple of years back. She is 6 inches taller than me. She is witty, smart, beautiful, tender hearted and… well… she takes sassy to the next level so if you think I have attitude and you go visit her blog, don’t say you haven’t been warned because you have! I love her like a sister and she will always be dear to me even though I think she did cave on the bell bottoms thing first.

I don’t know Leah Belle in real life but my husband went to college with her and I was excited to get to “meet” her when she popped over to my blog during the 5 minutes for mom “blog party.” And I could post a handful of pictures probably but I’m too nice to do that without warning her first. :^D

I met Gummby at my husband’s 5 year college reunion… um… a “few” years ago. ;^P It was fun finding him in the blogosphere sometime last year.

I think that’s about it for name dropping. This was fun though. Thanks to all who participated!

6 thoughts on “Who else do I know?

  1. Wow! I only know one blogger in real life. Most who know me think I am nuts for having a blog. I forgot about this the other night- sorry! Will try to get to it later today after class!

  2. Nan, You know a lot of people!It was fun to read. I got to visit a couple of their sites and plan to try the rest later! Have a great day friend!

  3. You definitely are well connected, and I love seeing some familiar faces from the old days! Moving across the country away from family has made this blogging thing a necessity. As for Steve, he is doing well. He lives in CV, is working hard and is getting married in the fall! Take care!

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