Have you heard of Presto? This morning is the first time I had heard of it. It looks like a great little invention for those who don’t have the internet at home and yet wish to receive e-mail. (I wonder if they will get all sorts of spam too?) 5 Minutes for Mom is giving one away. Obviously none of us need it but perhaps you know someone who might?

Of course, I’m being honest and I always will be… after the 1 year free subscription there is a $10 a month charge which you can pay to some ISPs for dial up internet services which enables you to actually respond to e-mails too. Plus, I think it’s just cheaper to send real mail. Still… if you want one for someone you know, go sign Mr. Linky!

4 thoughts on “Presto. Change-o. Rearrange-o.

  1. h a ha ha… I thought it was a pressure cooker.Isn’t that how I feel some days with all the world hooked up, on line, and ipoded.(Thats certainly not a word… but it sounds dangerous… IPODED!)

  2. Hi Nan. I dropped in via your comment on Ree’s blog.Am I correct in guessing you’re PCA? Well, we were, too, until recently (26 years ago). We were members of a Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod, up until about the time they merged with the PCA. At that time, we were part of a group that formed Covenant Presbyterian Church in Birmingham.And I’m still a flaming Calvinist. Anyway, glad I found your blog. Feel free to traipse on over to mine any time.

  3. ((GASP)) I’m highly favored!! Bob Cleveland is at my blog! :^D Welcome Bob! I always love your comments at Ree’s and I have visited your blog a few times already! :^D We are Presbyterian Church in America (only we’re in Canada **grin**). I’ve been a member of the PCA for 11 years and hubby has been for 12 years.I’m so glad you dropped by. I hope you will visit often. Oh and you have to click on “my man” in the left sidebar there as I know my hubby would love it if you visited his blog too! So do I have to check Ree’s comments to find out how many nuns you think are beating down her doors? ;^PDid you mean you were at a PCA for 26 years until recently or you left it 26 years ago which is relatively recent?

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