My blog was nominated for a homeschool blog award: Best Blog Design! Of course there are a lot of other great blogs listed there too! Voting starts on Monday so make sure to go and cast your vote if you are a homeschool blog reader.

You know I would have loved to have been nominated for something I was actually responsible for, like content but who am I to complain about being nominated for any kind of award? :^D All credit for this design goes to Susie @ Bluebird Blogs.

Also nominated was The Well Drained Mind for best homeschool group blog! This is pretty exciting since The Well Drained Mind is a fairly new blog, that we just got started last month!

5 thoughts on “Cool beans!

  1. Congrats on the nominee..I went to check out the site and found that I was also nominiated in a couple of catergories..So sweet!!So happy blogging and Good Luck!!I found your blog by way of Trina, you leave such nice comments on her posts that I thought I would come check you out..glad I did!Have a great weekend!!BTW…Love your blog title!!

  2. Thanks Marykathryn! I know I’ve been to your blog several times because I recognize your picture. :^D I’m going to re-remind myself which blog yours is right now!Trina’s on there a few times too!

  3. I thought I was the only person who said “Cool beans” anymore. Congratulation! And thanks for stopping by my blog.

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