While driving in the car near our home one day last week we had this exchange:

Children: OH! Mom! Look! Look over there Mom!

Mom: What? What am I supposed to be looking at?

Children: Mom! It’s almost Summer time! Summer is almost here!

Mom: What makes you say that? (As she shivers, rubs her hands together, watches her breath appear and then dissipate and hopes that feeling will soon return to her feet)

Children: Well, look mom! The pond is only HALF frozen! YAY!!!! It’s almost SUMMER!

My children’s version of “almost Summer”

(Today the sun shines and we play at the park and for a moment think that the children might be right. We then go to our Pageflakes page and see the weekly forecast. Every day includes images of snowflakes.)

7 thoughts on “Life in the Frozen North.

  1. He is Risen! We are freezing in VA, too. It is VERY unseasonable though. Last week the boys were out in the sprinkler. See though…my boys hang at the windows at Christmas and pray every year that this one will be the one with snow. I remember we had one once…when I was about 12.

  2. Hey Nan, I’m sorry about the snowflakes in your near future. If it’s any consolation, we had a snowy Easter at our house. Weird, I know. Nothing like the snow you guys get, but I just want to burst any images you had of us running through the sunny fields in sundresses today =).

  3. Yeah…dittos. Cold weather in the deep south too. I may have mentionned before that wish for snow. Its something we never see here. I can tell you, though that if we had as much as you do, we’d get tired of it.

  4. sunshine today – and we went for a drive.stopped to look at a vineyard and enjoyed the melodious face off of two Meadowlarks.There’s a wee bit of snow on top of the mountain.

  5. Bless their frozen-pea-pickin’ hearts! I cannot imagine. We had a cold snap, but in spite of that, we were still able to enjoy the outside yesterday :).

  6. I’m sorry–I just do not miss the north at all. I actually have nightmares about having to move back to North Dakota. Yep, I’ll take my steaming hot Mississippi anytime–well, it was actually quite cold for Easter!!!

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