Yesterday afternoon we were watching the news with the kids and our extended family who are visiting from California. The kids were talking about the upcoming soccer season and what team they would be playing on. The little one will be on a team that is sponsored in part by Tim Horton’s Doughnuts and Coffee. They put the name of their doughnut hole, the Timbit, on the shirts of those teams.

My young brother, a teenager, was unfamiliar with Tim Horton’s so I was explaining what it was to him. My seven year old chimed in with, “Tim Horton’s is a famous doughnut and coffee store.” Matter of factly tacking on, “But they are going down this year.”

I looked at him, perplexed, and asked, “What are you referring to when you say they are ‘going down’ this year?”

He replied, “I was watching the news and they said the company is going down this year. It’s talking about the quality of the company. I just know that.”

Well, color me surprised! I never knew my 7 year old was paying attention to the stock reports. Now I know whom to ask when I need to get advice on how to tweak my stock options, who’s doing well and who’s “going down” and what not.

Maybe we’ll get him a subscription to The Wall Street Journal for his 8th birthday?

3 thoughts on “He's watching the markets?

  1. How funny that he knew that! You may just have a Wall Street type man on your hands! Do they have “Wall Street Junior”? 😉

  2. Wow you must be doing something right! We just covered the dewey decimal system this week with the younger one…and whew that was a workout on the old noggin….hahaha

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