I blog like an addict anyways. It’s an abnormal day when I don’t blog. I think I wouldn’t so much mind being paid to blog, especially if I get to blog only and entirely about what I want to blog about which I am already doing completely free of charge.

Why on earth wouldn’t a person want to be paid to do it? Chances are it ain’t gonna happen but sheesh… it’s like a tractor beam or something Star Trekky like that.

So consider helping me blog for a year and get paid an exorbitant amount of money to do so.

I realize this is just about as likely as going sky diving over the equator above the Atlantic Ocean and being carried off by a stiff breeze to an island in the South Pacific the size of a thumbtack and peopled entirely by 1 foot tall elves. But what the heck. The real reason I am posting this right now is because I’m bored spitless and I am not in bed for some reason. If you are bored spitless and not in bed right now you might click that link up there for a really lame attempt at making your night less boring.

This might be just as bad as begging for blog award votes. Oh well.

9 thoughts on “Ooh, Pick me! Pick me!

  1. Hi Nan…Thanks for leaving me a note on my blog! You’re right…I do know you brother! We attended POP Chapel for a year before moving to the Northwest…and also I attended R.Chapel for many years long before that. How is Phil doing and what is he up to these days? I have been wandering through your blogs and hope you don’t mind if I link you up because I really enjoy your writings! Maybe I can glean some knowledge from you on raising boys! 🙂 We were blessed with the twins just after moving here and I love them dearly, but they are soooo different from the girls and I have much to learn! LOL! I also homeschool so I enjoy reading about other homeschooling moms.Anyway, it was nice to “meet you” and I hope to get to know you better! God bless!

  2. Too funny! I was pimping myself for this. Then I came to the realization that like the lotto, it ain’t happening! But it is fun to dream for a bit!I voted for you, so you are so gonna WIN!

  3. I only voted for you because you don’t wear a jumper.:)Just kidding. I love your blog and hope you win!

  4. Aww! You guys are all so nice! :^D I think in general I’m more of a wiener than a winner but hey… they are almost homonymns and I guess I’d be satisfied enough with either title! ;^PMelanie, thanks for coming on over! If you went to R. Chapel for years, do I know you?! I was of course there for all the years that Phil was. And you may certainly link me. I haven’t met the public blogger yet who doesn’t want to be linked! :^D We’re all very predictable that way! LOL I’ll add you to my reciprocal links if you want.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I have actually been lurking at yours for a couple of weeks. I love your blog design! I hope you had a good visit with your family, and I hope you don’t mind if I return without the cover of secrecy! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  6. Lauren, by all means come out from under cover of secrecy! I don’t bite… well, not usually anyways! ;^PThanks for commenting and for visiting!

  7. I voted for you, even though that’s my secret dream, too. I’ve blogged since 2003 for free. I’d like to keep doing what I’m doing (think, read, write)…and get paid for it. It’s not impossible. Your odds-metaphor is amusing, but didn’t Gulliver end up on an island inhabited by Lilliputians? If it happened to Gulliver, it could happen to you!

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