Another Annoying Blogging Award
(It’s a MAJOR award!)

Are you getting tired of blog awards yet? I know I’m starting to see enough of them that they are beginning to be about as pesky as SPAM and yet they are the sort of SPAM that you openly call junk mail and secretly stash away into your saved files for later perusal because, hey… maybe you really do have a chance at fame? Maybe you are going to win the next Reader’s Digest contest! Maybe you really are the next American Blogging Idol!

Well, that’s how I feel about blog awards. They are really lame until you get nominated for one.

And then suddenly you feel special and you must do ridiculous things like blog about blog awards and tell people to vote for you. People who have no idea if you are really the person you say you are or if you are a 750 pound bikini wearing bearded boil-backed woman. And you don’t care if they are that too, as long as they go and vote for you!

You’ll do things as ridiculous and unfathomable as going to seven different libraries in one city and using each different computer in each library to vote for yourself (<– please note I have never done this but I imagine there are obsessed enough bloggers out there that might.) And you’ll offer to buy your elderly relatives computers and internet access and pay for them to take “Internet 101” at their senior center so that you can get more votes.

And then you will not even come close to winning but you will persist in displaying your “nominee” badge in your sidebar for the next 3 1/2 years. But if you do happen to get nominated for something like “The World’s Worst Blogger Ever Since the Stone Age” or “Planet’s Ugliest Blog Design” you will go to no lengths to recruit voters and you will not even tell your pet goldfish named Mr. Woogly about it.

If you win such a lamentable award you will likely shut down your blog so as to break all links and start another one under a different name, using a false location and rename all of your children using Latin binomial nomenclature rather than their former cutesy names of Buggles, Toots and Shmooples. So, what are you waiting for? Give up. Give in. Just go ahead and add to the maniacal frenzy and nominate or vote for someone you know here.

Disclaimer: I really don’t think that lowly of blogging awards. I rather like them in fact! I just have an inimitable flair for sarcasm… (in case you hadn’t noticed!)

2 thoughts on “This message is brought to you by…

  1. Love the lamp! Are you gonna put it in your front window for all the neighbors to see? Reminds me of “A Christmas Story”.I’ve never been nominated. I am ok with it. My mom always told me I was special, I don’t need votes! (Just keep telling myself that!:))

  2. I’ve done this already. I am so hoping to see Boomama win against some of these adult content sites–in the humor section. She is ahead of Rosie–barely!

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