I am on a mission to get published somewhere. If you are new here you may not know that I am working on a children’s novel that I really and truly hope to have published in the next few years. The children’s market is incredibly hard to break into no matter what but it’s even harder if you are a nobody who has never been published anywhere (self-publishing doesn’t count you see) and no one knows you from a paper boy.

So my little job right now is to become published somewhere out there in periodical land. I have sent in one submission so far and had it rejected (which I was completely prepared for and spilt no tears over it because I was aiming really high.) This time I am aiming just a wee bit lower but aiming none the less. I sent in a short article to MOMsense magazine; the official magazine of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).

So I guess if they like it I should hear something possibly within the next 12 weeks. Once again I am prepared for rejection but still hopeful. I love writing so I don’t think I will ever give up hope of being published some day. And if I’m not, well… Oh well… I’ll still be writing anyways and loving every minute of it!

I’ll keep you all posted one way or another!

8 thoughts on “Hopeful…

  1. Oh! What interesting timing.I’m hopping around blogland before I go to sleep tonight, and here I land on your blog, reading about submissions to MOMsense. I submitted an article to them a month or two ago, and just got my rejection e-mail this evening! They were very kind, and I also spilt no tears…Also found encouragement on another blog this week http://annkroeker.wordpress.com/2007/04/10/writers-never-never-never-give-up/which helps me accept the rejection.I do hope you find success in publishing!

  2. I will send out my super-d-duper good juju your way! Seriously- I hope it goes well! Will be looking for the updates!ps- i voted for you today!

  3. Thanks Toni! You are such an encouragement!And thanks IM for stopping by and giving me that link. Great little encouragement there and a great blog. I so appreciate you stopping by! Come again. :^D

  4. Let us know how that works out. I am thinking about dipping my toe into the writing waters, but am unsure about how to proceed, or if I will actually have any talent for it.Wishing you the best!

  5. Persevere, right? I’m glad that my post was encouraging. I hate that long wait in the publishing world–12 weeks is a long time. I responded to Karen’s comment at my “Never Give Up” post explaining how I try to stagger submissions to magazines, so that if I get one rejection, I’ll have more possibilities in the pipeline. I explained it better over there.I do hope that MOMSense accepts your submission. In the meantime, it appears to me that you’re doing a great job on your blog developing your voice and writing skill!

  6. I will pray that your article get accepted! Sounds like you have gotten some great encouragement in your comment section!

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