I like to call this:

“Hammers in the Hands of an Angry Tot”
Click here if you don’t know what I’m referencing.

avatars myspace at Gickr.com
Make your own GIF using GICKR

Ah! The refreshingly wonderful power of Almighty Google! I’ve been Googling for a make your own GIF that would cost me nothing and require 0 downloads and I found it! All Hail Google!!

This animation was made possible because of a wicked cool site called GICKR where you simply upload a series of pictures and it turns it into a GIF for you. Awesome tool!

10 thoughts on “A Photographic Masterpiece

  1. I did a GIF with a cartoon not so long ago – but I didn’t put it on my site. I may try that — love the hammer head !!!!

  2. That is cool! Of course the child looks a little scary to me….Now I need to google GIF- told everyone I AM CHALLENGED!

  3. All Hail Google! What *can’t* be found via Google?Thanks for finding me–it’s great to meet a dedicated writer-mom who is also a creative blogger. Great tool.

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