Remember film cameras? Yes, those things that you had to load and wind and then GET UP and take some where?! Those archaic little cylinders of film that you paid for and then took pictures just hoping that you or the subject weren’t blinking in every single one, paying to have them developed, ordering double prints and then finding out that you had accidentally exposed the whole entire roll somehow at some point.

Remember those things? You’d never ask your just turned 7 year old to take a picture of you that you planned to show to a couple hundred people. But thank you Lord for the digital age!! Tonight I told my boy that I needed a new picture on my blog. The old one was looking tired and worn out and I got tired of seeing the same freakish look on my face. So I handed the digital camera to the boy, told him to make sure I was straight up and down in it and let him go at it.

I think he did a purty darn good job.

Lord knows if I had asked him to take a picture of me with a film camera I would have gotten the film back four days later (because we would be too cheap to do 1 hour developing) only to find out that just my forhead made it into the picture or I would have been pointing at him with a drunken look on my face whilst saying something like, “Make sure to hold it straight…”

(Oh and for all you who haven’t seen a full size picture of me yet, no I am not 18. You wouldn’t believe how often I get that. I really am 30. I swear!)

8 thoughts on “Digital Cameras are the best aren't they?

  1. You totally look like you’re 16 and going out on your 1st date. You look way young. Lucky.Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments.

  2. Great picture–and you do look very young! Go with it…just think how great you’ll look when you’re 80!

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