5 thoughts on “Oh and since I'm on the subject of vegetables…

  1. **insert wicked witch-like cackle here** (picture woman with long spindly twiddling fingers throwing her head back in great guffaw!)No, seriously. They LOVE it. And so does my hubby, who when we met wouldn’t eat anything green unless it’s last name was “Bean.”Glad you liked the meatloaf!

  2. We had our two eldest grandkids here for several months (in 2005) and I fixed asparagus. Neither would touch it at first. The conversation at the table between me and the hubby went on to discussing how it made your “pee” smell. That really intrigued the grandson. He ate his asparagus.Conversation was forgotten by me until just before bedtime, grandson is calling “Grandma Grandma” … I head back down the hall and he is standing in bathroom door with big grin.I say “Yes, dear… what do you want”He takes a big sniff in the air and say, “Do you smell anything?”Oh the joys of asparagus!!!

  3. Hi Nan…Melanie again. I saw that you commented on my comment so I wanted to get back to you. I’m sorry it took me awhile. I don’t know if we ever really met while at R. Chapel. Could be but I think I am older than you, (39) so I don’t think that we would have been in the same classes or anything. I do remember your parents but didn’t get to know your brother really til we attended the Chapel which was late 2003 to fall of 2004. Sometime during that year, Phil left for So. Ca to go to school I think so we didn’t get to spend too much time with him. My hubby said he did remember meeting you and talking to you for a bit at your folks house sometime during our year at the Chapel though. So I guess to answer your question….you probably don’t know me…but being that R. Chapel was/is such a big church, I am sure we were in the same room more than once but just didn’t happen to know it! LOL!

  4. Pamela, that is hilarious!Melanie, I’m betting I was running around like a lunatic when we were both at R. Chapel. I was a spaz in Junior Hi! LOL!

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