The world has officially been turned upside down. Check outside your windows. Pigs are likely flying. Take a gander towards the pastureland. The cows are coming home. Flip through the channels until you land on an Operatic performance. The fat lady is probably singing.

Last week when my parents and teenage brothers were in town my kids made a spectacle of themselves at the table by fighting over brussel sprouts. It was no surprise that my 5 year old loved brussel sprouts. He has to be instructed to finish his bread and mashed potatoes if he would like a third helping of brussel sprouts. This has been true since the first day he tried them.

His brothers took a little more time growing a taste for the wee lovely cabbages. But last Sunday proved that they have fully joined him in the membership ranks of TCWLRIWFEOTDELGTS or for the acrostically challenged: The Children Who Love to Ravenously Inhale and Will Fight Each Other to The Death to Eat Leafy Green Things Society.

As the bowl of deliciously yummy sprouts made their way around the table and the bowl became increasinly empty, the looks of concern on their faces were prominent. I’m sure my parents were surprised to see the heaping helpings of brussel sprouts upon the plates of the children even though I have mentioned my amazement over the phone to my mother a couple of times. It does seem rather unbelievable, I must admit. So to see it in person might still be something of a shock.

I should never be surprised by their food likes and dislikes though. They love asparagus (as I do) and half of them love those horrific pickled beets too. I don’t even try to understand that! Plech! I should just start experimenting with the whole produce section and see what I can get them to love just by convincing them that what they are about to receive is deliciously pleasing! Turnips anyone? Bok Choy? Sour cabbage? Mmmmm!!!

We took them to a restaurant once where the two middle boys decided that they would like to split an adult sized chef salad. While there we happened to meet up with some friends of ours who came to our table, looked upon our childrens’ meals and I’m sure concluded that we were taking up a new form of harsh discipline that included forcing children to eat only salad for dinner. But then they saw them stuffing their faces with it and realized that these children weren’t being tortured. They were just really weird and had asked for salad as a main course.

But really my young brothers’ faces were priceless as the brussel sprout drama began to unfold when the five year old decided to preempt any possible attempts by anyone else at the table to rob him of his third helping of brussel sprouts. Before finishing what he had on the plate, he lunged for the serving spoon and added another heap to his already large stockpile of veggies. My oldest, who was seated next to him, saw this sneakiness happening and quickly acted upon it in righteous indignation. He grabbed the spoon out of his brother’s grimy little fingers and began shouting that he wanted more and it wasn’t fair for him to take them all.

I have to say, I never did think that I would witness my children fighting each other for a vegetable that I would not have touched with an uprooted flag pole as a child. Now of course I love them and you can find out how much I love them and how I cook them here.

We had to tear those two brussel-sprout-a-holics off of each other and evenly disperse the highly favored vegetable between them so as to appease the masses. It was just priceless watching the consternation of the teenage guests that were present at the table as they witnessed this display of vegetatative feilty amongst young children.

I’d make a bumper sticker to display on my mini-van but I don’t think anyone would really get the acrostic. Anyone else have kids that want to join?

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9 thoughts on “Proud parent of 4 TCWLRIWFEOTDELGTS member!

  1. I just don’t believe it Nan! Children do not like brussel sprouts! You need to stop fibbing!My eldest is the same way- it’s weird! He wont eat ‘normal’ foods, like french fries! Kids are crazy these days!I am making your meatloaf version tonight! Will let you know how it turns out!

  2. Yeah… my kids like meatloaf too. What’s up with that?! The words meat loaf make my husband almost go into seizures (then he tastes it and remembers it’s yummy. He has a very short memory when it comes to food yumminess.)

  3. Wow. I’ve never tried to cook brussel sprouts. My hubby wouldn’t go for it. Maybe I should cook them anyway to see what my kiddos do! Thanks for the recipe.

  4. WOW What did you put on them? Even my vegie lovin’ second child HATES brussel sprouts. I am the only one in our family of 8 who loves them. My hubby is a fine example to the kiddies when it comes to what NOT to eat!

  5. Chrissy, I’ve been meaning to roast them the next time I make them since we just started cooking our asparagus that way and LOVE it. Thanks for the comment! :^DLauren, Yes, I’m just now coming up with a company name for myself as a personal Veggie-Trainer. Here’s my tag-line: Try them try them and you may! Try them and you may I say!;^PLisa, garlic, salt and EV olive oil. Mmmm!Leah Belle, my husband only would try them once he saw them deliciously pictured in a magazine that he bought “for me” (but he read it more than I did: Real Simple.) Once we tasted them this way we were hooked!

  6. Great post, Nan.I’m going to have to look up your recipe because I have to try these for myself (and Caroline). I’ll let you know how it goes!

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