(…Drumroll please…)

The soon to be coveted, the soon to be sought after, the soon to be proudly worn in a sidebar near you, the soon to be awarded… The very prestigious and highly acclaimed…


Does your blog or a blog that you read religiously deserve this award? After all, it’s a MAJOR award folks. It’s the real deal. The real Mc Coy. The be all and end all of all blog awards. Should it be yours? Should it be your Aunt Mabel’s? Who deserves such an exalted and distinguished award to put proudly in the front window of their blog?

Why? Why do you or someone you know deserve the It’s a MAJOR award! award?

Give it out to whomever deserves it!

I’d like to thank Jessica of Trivium Academy for creating the button for me!

18 thoughts on “And Now Presenting…..

  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!And since I am skipping school tomorrow, because I am irresponsible and lazy, I will get right on it in the morning!!You, my dear, are a freaking genius!

  2. So, are you going to be my co-host? As my co-host you (and you alone… other than me, that is) have the right to award this distinguished award to whomever you please and reserve all rights (along with me) to pass it out. If you want to, just put Mr. Linky in your post too, put “official co-host…blah blah blah” with the picture in your sidebar. Link back here and I’ll edit my original post to say that you are co-hosing it. Soooo ya wanna? (I know this is a monumentally earth shattering question!)

  3. Are you sure you want to share this? I would be honored! I don’t have much of a life, so ‘monumentally earth shattering’ it is! I seriously have to go to bed – 5am is fast approaching (11:23 now)- Talk with you tomorrow- Also my email is specialkfamily(at) yahoo.

  4. Oops. I “entered” already – because, well, I wanted to be #1 – but it links back to my blog which is deserving of the award, of course, but doesn’t have my “Why I deserve this award” post. That will be up tomorrow. Is that within the award rules? Hope so.Really I’m going to deserve the Bad Mom award when this is done because I’d already written tomorrow’s blog, complete with links to video of my dd dancing. And dd KNOWS that’s what tomorrow’s blog is supposed to be. I’m sure when I tell her that this is such a Major Award that she’ll understand why she got booted to April 20.

  5. If you award me Your Major Award, I’ll award You one of my “Thinking About Giant Frogs Blog Award.”

  6. Nan, You’re cute. Stinkin’ cute. Have I told you this before?How, my dear, do you have time to go to the bathroom???? I’ve got to have me one of them partee lamps, it’s the cutest award I’ve done ever seen!But I’m gone more than I’m here and I’ve got a thousand posts begun but not finished (nothing new there), so I’ll get to it…hopefully sooner rather than later :).

  7. I’ve nominated myself, don’t forget your Kleenex, as it’s a deeply moving story of overcoming childhood adversity to reach this point of Possible Leg Lamp Blog Button Ownership. Inspiring, really. And, to completely ruin my chances by breaking the rules, I wanna nominate Kathy Jo @ barefootmeandering.com, too.

  8. I love my MAJOR award! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!**bowing, collecting the roses thrown my way, smiling profusely, making everyone else want to hurl**LOL!!!!!!

  9. Hmm I think I’ve messed up already – I wanted to nominate a blog that I read daily, not only because it is an excellent blog, but also because it is Autism Awareness Month and we’re nearly at the end of it.This is the blog of an incredible mum [mom] and the journey of her son Charlie who is autistic.http://www.kristinachew.com/autismBest wishes

  10. Nan, This is a cute idea! I think it’s great that people are really getting into it! I don’t feel veteran enough to enter this time, but maybe someday I will be a time worn blogger! ;). CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

  11. Why I should win, by Lainey-Paney:I should win because I never win anything. Seriously.I’m not a winner.I should win because I work full time, go to grad school part time, parent, and still make time for blogging. [we all know how important blogging is, for crying out loud!] I should win because I like the freakin’ leg lamp! Now let me win so I can put one on my BLOG! [oh, but if i win, you’ll have to show me how to put it on my blog b/c i’ve never won anything to put on the side…so i don’t really know how to do it.]Yours truly,LP(which, also stands for “lumbar puncture” in the medical world…in case you wanted to know.)

  12. Haallllooooo!!! I’ve posted MY deserving post on my wonderful blog The Estrogen Files. So glad to see you, hope you visit, I’ll name my next child after you. How does Lunchie Boy sound?

  13. If I nominate myself and win will I have to give up my Fishnet Stockings Award or can I kinda combine them?

  14. Awww man! I want that. But when I click the Mr. Linky, it won’t allow an entry. I’m signed up for Mr. Linky…I’ll try again and then give up.

  15. That is so funny! I love that movie, and it just seemed appropriate to make an award for all my bloggin buddies. Guess great minds DO think alike!

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