AKA. Where does he get this stuff?!

I posted this on my homeschooling message board (WTM) because I figure other classical homeschoolers would probably appreciate it. But I’m still sort of reeling at how cool this is so I’m just gonna post it for the world here too… after all, this is my “refrigerator of pride” since magnets don’t stick to my actual snooty refrigerator.

My 7 year old is so excited about his history studies of Ancient Rome that he, on his own accord did a project that included a drawing of a one winged Eagle (the Eagle was the symbol of Rome) and a POEM.

(okay so the poem part makes me know he’s mine…)

Rome’s Fall
by Burke D.

Inside the ruins of Europe are the bones of royal leaders
but they were conquered by loyal defeaters.
Their lives were put to the grave by
people that were brave.
We don’t know their death
but we know what is left.
Evil ones have done
what made the fall of Rome begun.

(okay so the grammar isn’t perfect but this is a 7 year old!! I’m in shock that I just went to see what he was doing at the kitchen table and I found a poem about the defeat of Rome!)

Thanks for letting me brag. Sorry if mommy bragfests make you want to vomit in your mouth. I just couldn’t help it this time!

5 thoughts on “Shameless brag ALERT!!

  1. With you as a mommy and Shawn as a daddy, how could your son be anything but a smart poet? He gets it honestly as they say.

  2. He is such a smarty pants! But honestly, look at his folks! I just read through several of the poems that you and Shawn wrote. I loved them. It’s awesome that you have those for the keeping (and sharing)! Thanks for your sweet words about my zoo yesterday. It was fun to post!

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