14 thoughts on “Wanna know two things that should never mix?

  1. FREAKY! I accidentally washed Davids cellphone last week! Thought I would be nice and do his laundry- didn’t check the pockets of his jeans. Thanks for the reminder- Gotta get that replaced tomorrow!

  2. My husband’s cell phone went through the wash and came out just fine. We call it a miracle! So, got a new phone picked out?

  3. My mom dropped hers in the toilet. It had a resurrection a few hours later. She just cleaned it REALLY well.

  4. My 1 year old let mine swim in the toilet for a while before my hubby found it … he took it all apart and gave it a REALLY good airing out and it still works! (I admit, I was disappointed … I had already picked out what I wanted to upgrade to). :)I’ve also heard that putting it in the freezer will help … not tried that one. Good luck!

  5. Nan, mom did this and the cel phone company told her to put the phone in a ziplock bag with uncooked rice in it for a few days. the rice absorbs the moisture. good luck…hey at least your phone is squeaky clean!

  6. last week my cell phone went through the SOAK CYCLE and then the regular cycle. I dried it out for two days and it works. BUT, it doesn’t take pictures anymore… and I just can barely see the address book etc.At least I can still dial it.The hubby and friends were just shocked that it works.I’m just squawking over here that you did the same thing. I thought it was my age. I think it is just size of the darn phone. So tiny, it hides in the pockets of my pants.

  7. I did that a few months ago…to my big suprise, once I recharged it it was fine. My husband still gives me a hard time about it.

  8. Dh dropped his in a glass of water (tell me the odds of a cell phone hitting a glass of water on the floor?!?) and we tried all the drying out advice everyone gave us — didn’t work. Til, of course, the day AFTER he got a replacement phone. So, give it time!

  9. It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing how many people care about the fate of my phone! I do love my little phone. It’s white. It matches my laptop and my Hollywood sunglasses! LOL! How pathetic is that? (You’ll be happy to know that my dog does not have a white diamond studded pleather jacket with a purse handle on the back.)Corrie, I am going to try the rice trick right now. It makes perfect sense. The phone is already showing signs of improvement.And it’s so nice to know I’m not alone. Pamela, it’s definitely not your age. Those things are tiny! This is why I will never get an iPod Nano or Shuffle. They would be in the wash within a week! LOL! How do people keep track of those things?!

  10. Nan, this reminds me of when I was visiting a friend at the hospital, had on overalls, wasn’t thinkin’, and when I took ’em off to use the bathroom, mine dropped out of the pocket and into the toilet. Since it was BEFORE I “went”, immediately my hand plunged in to retrieve it. It’s a long story, you’ve given me yet another idea for a post :), but the bottom line is it was lost…forevah! No coming back from its watery grave!

  11. Sarah! You evil decadent temptress, you! How did you know that I was already dreaming of the iPhone? No… honestly I want my phone to start working again because I don’t want to spend the money on a new one.But you sure have my number! LOL! I pretty much have a weak spot for just about any product that begins with a lower case “i.” It’s a sickness. Really.You wanna know the ugly materialistic truth? I had a dream the other night that I won an iMac with a 48 inch screen. How sad is that?!

  12. My 17 year old set his phone on the back of the toilet so he could hear it while in the shower. Sure enough, it went off but he had forgotten that it was on “vibrate” and it danced its way right into the toilet. …a nasty death by yellow water!

  13. My kids threw me on the pool on my birthday with my phone in my pocket. We dried it out for a couple of hours and it tried to work but I was too anxious for a new one that I just went and bought one.

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