Please tell me, if you looked on your five day forecast in the middle of April and saw this depressing symbol on each and every day:
For all five of those days, would you be terribly excited? If you looked out your window this morning to the sight of something very much like this:

would you really be excited? Three inches of snow on the ground. On the rooftops. On my just barely starting to green up lawn is what I (oh, and the million other people that live in this fair city) woke up to this morning. I wonder if most of them are as sick of it as I am? Or is it only the jaded transplanted Californians who want to pluck their eyeballs out and throw themselves into the nearest previously frozen and then unfrozen and then re-frozen pond?

I have plants arriving at my home for planting in the next ten days folks! It’s almost as nutty as putting your sod in in mid-October while it is snowing (yup, did that too.)

I am SO sick of SNOW! White is my least favorite color right now. And not because it makes me look fat. Not because it shows every stain. Not because it has a magnetic attraction to things like mustard and cherry juice and red wine and baby puke.

My eyes are going numb looking out the windows for lack of color. For lack of green. For lack of sunshine.

Okay. I’m done complaining (publicly anyways.) The farmer is happy about this. The farmer. And my grass. And the reservoirs. So I will try to put on a happy face about it.

4 thoughts on “Before I go get lunch for the kids, just let me tell you about this…

  1. I really am sorry–I have lived in North Dakota and I know what it’s like. Hopefully, it will warm up real soon for you.

  2. I would love to see snow or rain for that matter. Where I come from the drought is so bad that 1/2 the state is to have 4 minute showers no lawn watering and no pool top ups.

  3. That does make me sad for you :((and counteracts the missing Calgary feeling that the huge dead tree roach in my bathroom made me feel…snow or roaches…it’s a hard decision)

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