I’m sorry to be blogging my life away today but my second child just said something that had to be recorded before I forgot it and I figured it would give you a kick too.

While sitting on the floor back to back with his big brother he said, “Hey, let’s play octopus!” He started frantically waving his arms around and then glommed on to his brother’s waving arms and said, “Oh no! Our testicles are sticking together!”

(I’m still laughing at that one…)

Just now I served them up some wonderfully steaming chicken noodle soup, perfect, you must agree, on a cold and snowy day.

As he began to sip it he said, “Hey Mom, did you put bra in this?”

“What??” I replied, quite perplexed.

With a very like Duh!! tone in his voice he repeated and clarified, “Chicken bra? Did you put chicken bra in this?”

Never a dull moment. Never.

8 thoughts on “Kidism #3,949

  1. I am laughing out loud. I’m glad you didn’t really put any unmentionables in the soup! Sorry about all the snow. I am dreading the heat so much that today it is 79 and I’m not happy about THAT! Maybe we should trade for a while. The other night I was reading your blog aloud to Rick while he fed one of the kids…he said, and I quote! “We need to go visit them!!!” I should have made him sign his name to it in blood!Hope it warms up soon! Love you all!

  2. Thanks for bringing back memories of when my boys were tiny. Now that they’re all nearly-growns they still say funny things that make me laugh out loud but now they watch for my reaction.

  3. testicles and bras!!! I’d laugh out loud, but everyone’s asleep in bed and I don’t want to wake them. Can’t wait to share these stories with hubby tomorrow morning.

  4. Doesn’t everyone put bras in their soup? You know, just to season it a little? I, personally, prefer the sweaty ones!

  5. Indeed!!! That is one of the most hi-lairous boy comments I have ever read!!Oh, and Welcome to the Testicle Sorority!!

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