I know everyone who has a stat counter or site meter account posts these “how they found me” posts now and then and I have done so a few times too. I try not to make a habit of it but sometimes it is just too much to bear. Impossible to keep to myself.

How did these people find me? And more importantly, what were they really looking for?

“spaceship leather baby booties” Now I must apologize because I obviously am the one with the problem here. When I read this, I automatically thought first of booties. You know. BooTAYS. You know. Tooshies. Or as they are affectionately referred to in our home, Boohineys. Obviously the dear person was probably just looking for a certain pair of Robeez baby booties. But my misaligned synapses went to the automatic question of, “What kind of baby has a leatherized booty? And what does it have to do with space ships?” Yes. I know. I have problems.

“in my pull-up” – If you are reading and typing and Googling and in your pull-up, you need to be featured on Good Morning America because it sounds like you are quite the child prodigy. But actually, I think I just realized how this person happened upon my blog when Googling these words. They must have happened upon this exaspertatingly cute little story about my third son, Mr. 13 Shirts.

“How to un-pottytrain myself” – I’d just like to state, for the record, that I have never written a post about how one unpottytrains one’s self. Never. And I don’t plan to either. All who are reading this and who are not pull-up wearing prodigies, I pray that you remain potty trained and do not ever come here seeking information or advice on how to purposefully become un-pottytrained because if you are married, it’s possible that your spouse will no longer want to share a bed with you and if you are single, well…. you will likely remain that way I’m afraid.

“upside down showing our knickers” – Goodness gracious, I haven’t the foggiest notion of what it is this person was really looking for. But I promise it wasn’t me. I guarantee that! What they found when they clicked that promising looking link on that page full of Googly goodness was this post about my son’s confusion over the meaning of the word “acrobat.” Turns out that he believed that acrobats were blood-sucking vermin. No mooning or knicker expose’ though. Sorry if it was a terrible disappointment!

4 thoughts on “How they found me?

  1. my most favorite all time google was “bird calls made by farting”but your knicker one is getting close to that.

  2. I’ve had tons of weird googling. One time someone (maybe the guy himself) googled the name MJ Nodilo. This is a guy I met in Vegas when I was 14. He went on to play college basketball. Anyway… I hope it wasn’t him who googled his name because I said he was a bad kisser.

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