I just love blogging. I have decided that I am going to name my next dog, Blog. Blog the dog. Then I can say, “I love my Blog” and it will mean more than just a computer obsession.

Then I would write a blog from the perspective of my dog named Blog. The blog would be called Blog the Dog.

And when he is having a bad day Blog will start his blog like this, “Hello. My name is Blog. I’m a dog. Today I’m in a fog. Yesterday I tried to eat a log. Today I just feel down. Down in a dreary bog. Signing off ~~ Blog, the Dog.”

And when he is having a good day his blog will begin this way, “Hello. My name is Blog. I’m a dog. Today I’m as happy as a hoppy frog. A frog who fell into a vat of grog. Today I slept by the fire… well actually it was a Yule log. Signing off ~~ Blog, the Dog.”

And when he is feeling particularly feisty his blog will begin in this way, “Hello. My name is Blog. I am a dog. Today I had a scrap with a wild hog. Let me just say that if you had a choice between fighting with a hog and receiving a flog. Choose a flog. Signing off ~~ Blog, the Dog.”

But my husband will probably not let me get a second dog and he already knows I have a love affair with my blog. I don’t think he would like it if I had a Blog that I could hug on and love and that licked me in the face. Mark my words, if I do get a dog named Blog he will have a blog and because he would be a Golden, he would win the Golden Blog Award.

And I think thus closes my most pointless ramble EVER.

8 thoughts on “I have decided to get a second dog.

  1. what if you got a pot bellied hog?Snnnnnrrrrrt!I’m worried about us, cuz I like got your post.. snicker

  2. You two. I like you two! Thank God for people who understand and appreciate totally random nuttiness. My husband thinks I’m certifiable for posting such pointless drivel.

  3. hee hee – It will only work for a dog. I thought it would be clever for a cat = but not quite the same rhyming cleverness.

  4. What a cute doggie! Is it yours? I liked your rhyming dog blogs. Did your kids help with that? (not to imply that it sounds like anybody in grade school could have written it, of course)

  5. Y’all are nice for not making fun of me. LOL! (And why I am I saying “y’all” so much lately? I left Texas 5 years ago!) Karmyn r, yeah… Blog the cat just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it? I wish this was my doggy pictured here. He was the result of a Google search though. Right now we are living with the not-a-cat-but-not-truly-a-dog tiny dog that we went for because we desired small poop to clean up, small bowls of food to fill… She’s adorable but she’s a pill. I did have a Golden a couple of years ago but because we moved several times in succession and had to live in a few places with “no pet” policies we had to give him away. I still have visions of bringing him back home some how, some day. But I think he is making the elderly man that we gave him to quite happy and I wouldn’t dream of undoing what they now have together.(You probably didn’t expect me to write an essay did you?!)And I came up with the cheesy rhymy goodness of this post all on my own. It was a really random moment.

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