I mentioned Design Mom the other day as your free, more personalized and internet accessible version of REAL SIMPLE magazine. Well, Design Mom, I think one-ups REAL SIMPLE because she does random giveaways. But on May 7-11 she is doing giveaways that are slightly less random. They are planned and announced ahead of time!


You don’t want to miss this! I was so excited by one of her prizes a few weeks ago that I went to the site she was plugging (My Charmed Life) and begged my husband for a couple of items. So I think I already may know what I’m getting for Mother’s Day! Hee hee!

Anyways, Design Mom has some of the coolest giveaways out there. And as I mentioned a couple of days ago she just has a great blog. Don’t miss the upcoming Mother’s Day giveaways!

3 thoughts on “You DON'T want to miss this!!

  1. I’ll have to check out the Mother’s Day giveaways, because my husband doesn’t do MD. He says, “You’re not my mother” and isn’t great at encouraging the kids to remember it either. Shameful. Thanks for the commiseration (sp? I’m too lazy to check it) and the GF link!

  2. i hope you’ll check out my mother’s day giveaways too + if you send me your blog button/badge + url, i’ll add it to my mother’s day blogroll.please spread the word to moms!

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