A couple of weeks ago Design Mom hosted one of her random giveaways and the prize was a $50 gift card at My Charmed Life.

Well, I didn’t win. While my husband “has a tendency to win things,” I am pretty much the losingest loser that ever existed. I can’t remember ever winning anything in the way of random draws or contests or competitions. So, no surprise that I didn’t win her giveaway.

I did however become completely enamored with the company whose product she was giving away. I sat for too long looking at and drooling over the hundreds of charms available for purchase. I went the next step and made a wish list. I quickly followed this up with my request for a Mother’s Day present.

You see, I’ve had a charm bracelet for about three years now and up until this point it has had two charms on it. It was looking a wee bit barren.

Well, my husband came through sweetly by getting me a couple more charms for my naked bracelet. For Mother’s Day. You might be thinking that it’s funny that I post this today when Mother’s Day is still a couple of weeks away. Well, if you remember any of my posts from around Christmas time, my husband and I both have problems with patience (and with keeping secrets) when it comes to giving gifts that we’ve bought for each other. So… he gave me my Mother’s Day gift today!

And now, my bracelet is pleasingly jingly. And very much reflective of me. It has a laptop on it now. How perfect is that?

6 thoughts on “My Charmed Life

  1. Hey losingest loser =), I can think of no one else that should have a computer charm on her bracelet! SO cute. (Way to go Shawn!)

  2. Hmmm, I’m looking for bad hair and I find “awwwwwwww……..sweeet” instead. I need one of those charms.Yes, I said “need”, this has nothing to do with want ;). And you, my dear, totally know the difference ;).

  3. Wow, that is early, but so very sweet. My hubby’s birthday is May 14th, so occasionally I have to share Mother’s day with him–those years it would be nice to get my gift early!! The charm is very cute!

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