And (((GASP))) More bloggy wonderfulness! Can I just say that all of the blogs I’ve gotten hooked on lately are giving me MAJOR spasms of camera envy? I’m so jealous of the natural lighting. Then again, I don’t have the house for the kind of pictures I enjoy oogling. Too modern. Still. Bloggy wonderfulness.

First up:

Posie Gets Cozy has gorgeous photography on her blog. I just found her tonight and haven’t taken the time to read what all she has to say but the pictures alone are enough to make me go back. Not to mention Posie was the name of my last kitty (Lord bless the little yarn digesting puddy-tat.) The photography on her blog is… spectacular.

More photographic perfection. More sweet creative talents here at Little Birds Handmade.

Oh, how I wish I was so creative. Look here at Molly Chicken. This stuff is just too cute.

And just one more because. I. Can’t. Help. Myself. Juju Loves Polka Dots

I have to give credit to The talented crafty lady over at Lasso the Moon for her chock-full-of-goodies sidebar where I found all of these impressive blogs!

And now I must go and pine away for a Nikon D80 camera. And some talent.

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