It doesn’t mind being spread around.

So if you like Life is Like a Lunchbox and you want to share the love, you can have your very own sidebar button. I’m in a very buttony mood which has prompted me to beg, borrow and try to create buttons of some of the blogs I love to love and I want to spread around like a whole lot of cyber butter all over the internet.

So here is me jumping on the bandwagon of button mania! If you want some of my buttony wonderfulness, just copy the code below into your sidebar.

8 thoughts on “My blog is like butter.

  1. Well, initially I just uploaded my header image into flickr and then resized it which is a cheat. A button with more button like dimensions is made in photoshop. But another friend decided to try her hand at her Photoshop for the first time and she made the one that is currently up! I am so happy!One of the many reasons I WANT photoshop!!

  2. Looks great! Maybe once I figure out how to put something into a sidebar I’ll advance to the buttons. LOL!Cindy

  3. Nan, have you ever checked out “The Gimp”? It’s an open-source photo editing program that is as powerful than Photoshop. There are even add-ons that make it look just like Photoshop.:)Robin

  4. Thanks Robin! I have looked at GIMP but the download requirements are so confusing for Mac. I am not sure if I have all of the prerequisites neccessary.I told someone else today that I just need to figure out which Photoshop I want and start asking for it for Christmas or my birthday next year or something! LOL! :^D

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