Do you want to oogle some overt yumminess? (C’mon. I’m talking about food here, people! Get your minds out of the gutter!)

Check out Lindsey’s recipe blog and be inspired. Be amazed. Get suddenly and inexplicably hungry.

I try to keep all of my favorite recipe blogs and websites in the sidebar of my own recipe blog for easy access. Don’t ask me why I called it Recipe Czar. I am not Russian or anything. I just thought it sounded neat-o. (I just thought that might need some explanation. It’s not a whole blog devoted to Borscht or anything like that… hmmm…. borscht… I’m getting hungrier as I type.)

4 thoughts on “Overt Yumminess…

  1. Nan, Thanks for the tip on the great recipe blog! Hey, e-mail me your button code if you can. I couldn’t get it to work…probably a user defect if you know what I mean!

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