• My husband (and hence I, out the corner of my eye) is watching Napolean Dynamite for the fourth time and laughing hysterically. And now I will have “Tina, come get your ham!” and “Build her a cake or something.” stuck in my head for at least a week.
  • I just ate the frozen version of a caramel macchiato. Coffee ice cream with caramel sauce and chopped pecans over top. It would only have been better with whipped cream. Mmmm. I highly recommend this.
  • Then I did penance by way of 100 crunches.
  • I’m happy because it’s Tuesday, the only day on which I care what is on T.V. Gilmore Girls and House — both new episodes. I’m a contented woman. Even though every House episode is so predictable I can tell my husband a few minutes in advance of when someone is going to experience a rectal hemhorrage or go into convulsions. Still, I like it anyways.
  • We are the adventurous type. Also known, in some circles, as crazy. Today I booked train tickets from Montana to California for all six of us for our Summer trip. We will be driving our “new” car (that my parents are selling to us) back up.
  • I hate flying.
  • Enough to take the train.
  • But we’re the adventurous type so we really want to take the train anyways. Really. We’ve actually taken the train once before when there were only five of us. It’s such an adventure for the children and much less stressful than driving. People look at us like we’re nuts but we pay less than if we’re flying, the foody is yummy, we get to see the country and no matter what happens — there are memories made! I’m sure I’ll have all sorts of fun stuff to tell you about.

That’s all.

12 thoughts on “Random facts and thoughts that go with them.

  1. I would fly- But taking the train with little ones is an awesome idea! Plus you have 4 boys- what boy doesn’t like trains? They will remember this trip fondly forever.

  2. Oh my word. You’ve only watched Napolean Dynamite 4 times?! Sadly, we are waaaaay past that. I know that makes us real lunatics, but we can’t help it. It seems like every time any of our crazy friends come over for an extended period of time, we end up watching that. And of course, the later at night it is, the funnier it is. It reminds me of “Search for The Holy Grail” in that all the kids are continually quoting lines from it like my college buddies (including Shawn) always did. I remember more than one meal in the cafeteria where most of the conversation was interspersed with some choice line from that movie.

  3. Leah Belle, I know all too well what you’re talking about. One of the “reasons” that Shawn fell in love with my was for my ability (and proclivity to) quote movies (at length). Shawn still quotes Holy Grail occasionally. And some of his friends are just as bad as he is so when they are playing off of each other, it just escalates. Corrie, go get ya some! :^D

  4. I’ve never seen that movie–guess I should! It’s a shame you don’t live in the south and can’t get Blue Bell’s Mocha Almond Fudge–it’s to die for–hey, maybe they do carry it up north now–you should look! I think the train ride sounds like a wonderful idea–and very adventurous!

  5. ROTFL! We took the train from Idaho to SE Iowa one year with a baby. VERY interesting. Being poor, we couldn’t afford the nice sleeper, so we made do with the reclining seats in the coach section. LittleL was just about 1 yr old and was able to sleep at our feet – under the seats!! Just got done watch Napoleon for the third time in 2 days… Filmed not far from here, ya know!

  6. Yeah, unfortunately the family and all other sleepers were booked for the first leg of the trip so we will be doing it in coach for a full night too. It should be an experience, that’s for sure! We are going to wear them out completely the day of so that they crash when evening hits. Hopefully our plan is successful!

  7. Nan, we have to see you this time – all of us!! Maybe meet at Vals???? There are people who are very jealous right now :):):)

  8. Hi Kristi! Yes, we do have to get together! Perhaps a picnic? (or better yet… get Val’s take-out for a Picnic! Hee hee!(Jealous of Val’s? Jealous of Riding the train with four small kids? Jealous of my getting to have Napolean Dynamite stuck in my head?) ;^P LOL!

  9. Jealous that I get to hang out with you in real life! Yes, we’ll have to get a “lunchbox” of food and eat up! 😉

  10. Awww! How sweet! I have a secret fan club?!? LOL! Too funny.I love hanging out with all of “Philly’s friends”. (He’ probably kill me if he knew I called him Philly on the WWW. Shhh!) We should just have a big old picnic. :^D We are arriving on July 4th and leave for Mount Hermon the following Sunday. Gone for a week and then back just for another day or two before heading back to the great white north (which thankfully won’t be white at that point.)E-mail me and we can work out a plan!

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