That’s right. I still have young boys asking me out on dates. I do look young but c’mon! For heaven’s sake, I am married, people! When will kids these days realize that many people these days look younger with every candle they add to their birthday cakes? I mean Christie Brinkly is 52 for Pete’s sake! When are the young boys around here going to figure out that they need to start checking ring fingers of the ladies they are asking out? They might not be the young’ns that they appear to be!

Yes, I get asked out on dates all the time.

By my kids.

(Did I have you going for a couple seconds at least?)

My second son is always asking me out on dates to a restaurant chain where our family has eaten breakfast a couple of times. He associates all of his memories based on the food eaten at that particular time or place. He recalls nostalgic moments spent with his Grandpa at a 50’s style diner near Grandpa’s house. Every Sunday on the way home from church he suggests one of several typical Sunday afternoon treats. “Let’s get a big sandwich!” or “Let’s go to Chinese food!” He’s a creature of habit. And he always wants to take me out to breakfast at the place where we went on our first date.

My oldest son has been pining for a date with me this past week. I asked him where he was going to take me and he told me that I better come up with it because he wasn’t familiar with all of our dining options. I suggested that we go to Subway before soccer practice and his face curled up with displeasure, “Umm… how about we go to a restaurant with a variety of food choices to choose from. A nicer place.”

“Oh! How much money do you have?”


“Well, you asked me out on a date. Aren’t you going to pay?”

“What?! I will pay for dates when I’m a grown up!”

I agreed that this was a good option. One date would empty his entire piggy bank which would undermine all that we’ve told him about saving that money for college!

I must say that I thought surely I would not be being asked out on dates by so many handsome young men when I was 30 but I rather like it.

I still remember going on ice cream dates with my Dad. Breakfast dates too. My second son is so much like my Dad and I in his attachment to certain restaurants for their nostalgic properties. When we go back home to California I must go to Val’s, that sweet 1950’s diner that I grew up going to, that my son now loves to frequent. I must eat one meal at one of our favorite Mexican food places. On the way there or back we must stop in Mount Shasta to eat at the best Italian restaurant in that far northern part of California, The Piemont. All this to say that I have special memories of dates with my Dad.

Do you go on dates with your kids? Do they ask you out on dates? Will each of them have special memories of time spent with just you. Times when they know you set aside a couple of hours just to be with them?

Do it. Go on dates with your kids. In the busyness that is life with kids, special one on one time is priceless. They will cherish those memories forever. And you probably will too.

8 thoughts on “I still get asked out on dates. A lot.

  1. I love that. I go on dates with my boys too. Recently, I was out with my oldest (he was 8 — just now turned 9) when my cell rang. He overheard me tell my friend that I was on a date with my son.After I got off, he told me he heard what I said. He said that he didn’t know this was a date and that he was sorry that he didn’t look nicer for it! He is such a dear!Have fun on all you lovely dates!melissa

  2. This was a sweet post, Nan. I am now craving a Val’s burger and malt. I like your idea and reminder of the importance of individual time with our kids…I’ll really need to be mindful of that with the twins!

  3. I like your blog, writer-mom. Probably I´d be one of these boys… No offense, it´s just that you are pretty. And about going on dates with your kids… do they like it??

  4. Aww, Toni, you are too kind. LOL!Oy. Monchito. You have a very funny name. That’s all I can say. Oh, and yes. They like dates with Mom. :^)Corrie, you have such an awesome hubby I am betting he’ll help you make special time with each kiddo.Melissa, that is so cute! When I asked my oldest if he was going to dress up, he said, “No!! Not that kind of restaurant!” LOL.

  5. That’s so sweet! I can’t wait until my little guy is old enough to go out on dates with me. And the reverse with my husband and my daughter.Great post, Nan.

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