You MUST watch this movie. You must.

It has a very Truman Showesque feel about it. But it’s better. So much better.

It is, quite honestly, my new favorite movie and I literally just finished watching it about 10 seconds ago.

Can you picture Will Ferrell in a semi-serious role? He pulled it off. Swimmingly.

Parts of this movie are hysterically funny. For those with compromised bladder control, you might just need secondary protection during the film. It is seriously funny.

At the same time it is serious. Romantic. Sad. Thrilling. Sweet. Insightful.

Go rent this movie. Now.

Update: And if you like special features, watch the one about the Graphic User Interface or GUI (pr. Gooey) It’s quite fascinating. Nerds and wannabe nerds will especially eat it up.

6 thoughts on “Stranger than Fiction

  1. Hubs and I were just talking about renting a movie for tonight, plus who doesn’t love Will Ferrell??Check your e-mail!

  2. I think I may put it on my TO RENT list.I haven’t liked Will Ferrell in some of the movies I’ve seen – so maybe this one will surprise me

  3. Thanks for the rec.I have a feeling I’m going to like the serious Will better than the oh so goofy Will.

  4. Great movie. Serious Will Ferell—yes. “Funny” Will Ferrel–no.I feel the same about Adam Sandler and Jim Carey. Love it when they are serious, hate it when they are comedic.

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