I’ve got a challenge for you! And I want you to take me up on it and pass it on by way of your blog. Sign Mr. Linky and remind your readers to come and sign Mr. Linky too! :^)

Tell me and if possible show me about your childhood toys, games or playgrounds. Do you have any pictures of you at the park? What about pictures of you with your favorite toys? I was really hoping to scan some pictures for this but my scanner and my computer are still not on speaking terms. They are not responding well to group therapy. If you don’t have a scanner or don’t want to post your own pictures, let Google do it for you. Or you can just post pictures of toys that you wish still existed because you would really like to buy them for the child in your life (so that you can play with them.)

Find and share some pictures of your favorite childhood toys, places to visit or games. You can post just the pictures or you can post a story (or two or three) with the picture(s). I think this will prove to be a really fun meme, especially if people take me up on the challenge and go scouring their memory boxes or the internet for pictures.

Here I go with mine!

Circa 1970’s:
I spent countless hours tootling around the house and yard on a little guy like this:

I remember being taken by my Grandma, and other loving grandparently types at various times to Children’s Fairy Land in Oakland, CA. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think it’s quite the childhood Mecca that it (and all its makebelieve land cohorts across the nation) once was, thanks to the massive indoor ball pits and hampster tube mazes that are more popular now.

I remember going to the box and turning the key to hear the sing-songy story behind the lifesize boot that you now have before you.

And I wasn’t about to go stick my body inside this thing:
Clearly the story of Jonah had some underlying side-effects that I was repressing, only to be expressed at Children’s Fairyland when encouraged to place myself inside the gaping mouth of a painted cement water dwelling mammal.

I remember playing with the pop-beads my Grandmother gave me.

Something tells me there was probably something dastardly, evil and of the devil which has made these go the way of the dinosaur as well. But perhaps I just don’t see them because I am the only source of estrogen in the house and if we so much as go near the pink aisles in the toy stores my sons begin to involuntarily gag. (It must be inborne.)

These next items though were my all time favorite toys of childhood. For them I pined. For them I spent hours in the mud filling and refilling miniature lakes. With them I was endlessly entertained. I LOVED anything Fisher Price. Our church nursery had much more than we had at home and I vividly remember making a bee line to my favorite nursery toys immediately upon arriving. Some of my nursery favorites were these.

This thing was high-tech baby:
I loved this one so much that the summer my husband and I got engaged I told him that the one toy my children HAD to have was a Happy Apple. The next day we were meandering through a local flea market and lo and behold one of these was sitting happily on a blanket, staring up at us, saying, “Hello! I represent your future offspring!”

I loved this one:

And I walked the dog every single time I got the chance. He is the first one I hold responsible, with those droopy eyes and his wagging tail, for making me into a dog lover.

I don’t know what about it but I was mesmerized by the ferris wheel…

Oh but all of these were also some of my favoritest of favorite toys at home and anywhere else I could find them.

Strangely though, I think my favorite ite
m was the potty. Perhaps it was because it was the exact same color as my own bathroom. Or perhaps it was just a plumber’s daughter thing. But I found that potty to be possibly the cutest squatty little potty I had ever seen.

Tell us about your favorite toys or favorite childhood places to visit. Let us know that you blogged about by signing my Mr. Linky.

19 thoughts on “Speaking of Memories… (A Meme)

  1. Oh! I had those beads! And the phone and the dog and the Little People!!! Even the potty! Thanks for the memories.

  2. P.S. You were called a hot smokin’ preachers wife on my site! Hubby agreed! haha! Wait- Hubs shouldn’t be checking you out! Sunday night fight with the hubs is on like donkey kong!

  3. Kristy, I’ll sign Mr. Linky for you. :^) Your entry was so fun. My best friend had all of those same toys! Popples, Carebears and Barblie plates. Memories…

  4. I’m visiting via toni’s spotlight. you are hott!We had lots of little people. My mom still has them and my kids love them. I have a couple of the newer sets for my kids, but they’re just not the same.Speak and Spell was another one of my favs.

  5. Well, thanks Wendy! :^DWe also had speak and spell. I still remember the funny sound it made when it turned on. Also Mr. Professor (the math/calculator toy). I looked everywhere for a picture of one of those but couldn’t find it anywhere!

  6. The Little People bring back very fond memories. I had a ton – the house and car and airplane. When my kids were born I bought them Little People too – but they just aren’t the same (no holes to stick on your fingers).and no, they don’t make those popbeads anymore. My step-mom has a bunch though – she ran a daycare, so whenever we go to visit, both my kids have a field day with those.

  7. I recognized all those toys! I was born in 1970. And, amazingly, my brother and I did not choke to death on those Little People 😉 I’ll do a meme for you, later this week. I won’t be home much the next few evenings–baseball season for my boys!

  8. Such a fun idea! Not sure how I stumbled on your blog, but I’m so glad I did. Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane!

  9. oh my… I’ve so few pictures of my own childhood — one of those “8th child syndromes” and the parents were just tired of taking pictures.I’ll throw it into my thinking cap and swish it around a bit.you have so many neat things.We had very few purchased toys —

  10. I remember most of those toys! We’ve got to be close in age. Right on, sistah!

  11. fairyland still is a mecca! it’s been refurbished. i took my daughter there for her 1st, 2nd + 3rd birthdays + now her 4th birthday is fast approaching + i’ll take her there again, but also to bonfante gardens + great america + other places 🙂

  12. I promise I won’t tell sob stories about getting nerf as my one Christmas present.My recent Christmas presents have more than made up for that.

  13. My absolute favorite place to visit was a place called Frontier Village in San Jose. Yes, I’m totally dating myself here but who cares! 🙂 Frontier Village was my favorite place to spend birthdays. I was also a huge fan of little people. My little brother had the airplane and our neighbor had the parking garage. I had the house and everyone I knew had the barn. For old time’s sake I recently bought the taxi cab with two little people from eBay for my taxi cab collection.

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