I’m in a very salady mood lately so I posted a ‘licious salad recipe today on my recipe blog. Pay no attention to the fact that the template is different. I am working on maybe changing it up a bit hopefully.

Oh and to veer completely off the topic of foodstuffs, just as a side note to explain the use of the word, salady, I like to add the letter Y to all sorts of words in order to turn them into adjectives. Especially adjectives that describe how I am feeling. Worky. Hurty. Shoppingy. Bloggy. Or about the perpetual state of the roads around here. Trafficky. Constructiony. $%#@*&!/+*^#@y. (<— Just kidding. I didn't actually have a swear word picked out for that. Hee hee.)

I also like to add the suffix “ipated” to some words just to take them up a notch (like for example “His car engine was irrevokably combustipated.” or “The peanut butter was permanently encrustipated onto his otherwise cherubic cheeks.” or “I’m utterly and completely exhaustipated.“) Adding “ified” to a word can really take your sarcasm to the next level. For example “The woman in the stalled out dilapidated lemon of a Pinto sat helplessly in the intersection with a forlorn and confusified look on her face!” Or, for the blogger, something bad that happens can easily be turned into something useful/funny/writeworthy thereby making it “blogified“. Or a particularly verbose comment might be said to have been “bookified.”

Thus ends your lesson in Nanisms. Oh. And I like words like perambulation.

What are your linguistic quirks?

8 thoughts on “New Recipe! (And an inane perambulation with regards to my (ab)use of the English language.)

  1. hehe, I thought you might like the word “perambulation” and were looking for a way to justify using it…;)p.s. Thanks for the nerd help tips on your sidebar!

  2. my hubby and his youth cohorts like to add “age” to the end of words. “spillage” is one that is used a lot and then any other word that they happen to think fitting at the moment.

  3. My all-time, favorite, non-word that seems like it should be a word—illogicity. I use it all the time.

  4. How funny I think I’ll have to start using salady as an adjective and see who notices.

  5. Oh I LOVE the word “exhaustipated” I use it ALL the time. I also ‘ified’ things That’s good stuff

  6. I’ve gotten into the licious – (thanks to Robin).chocoliciousdelighticiousscrumpdilliciousand the list goes on.

  7. I ran across your blog by clicking the random link on my CWO webring do-hickey on my blog. I’m so glad I stopped by. This post cracked me up. I have my own -ism’s, but they’re not all below R ratings. I do have some sayings that I tend to repeat, that are more of a G rating. Perhaps I’ll write my own little post about them sometime. However, many of them are revealed in the categories I use to tag my posts with. I have bookmarked your blog as I plan on coming by again soon. I’m a mom of four boys myself ranging in ages from 12 to 1. Ta for now dahling!

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