I love it that the internet has made it all the more possible for Stay at Home Moms to pursue more of their goals while maintaining their personal priorities at the same time. So many of us desire to stay at home with our children. Some of us strongly desire to homeschool. Before the internet these choices more often than not precluded pursuing personal career goals or at least meant putting them on hold for a long time, which many of us were and are more than happy to do even though it was a sacrifice. Some of us, like me, are still just coming to a firmer realization of what they want to be when they grow up.

The internet, and more specifically the blogosphere, has taken that fact and has turned it on it’s head.

I’m not really what I consider to be a feminist. (At all.) I am not a banner waving, bra burning in your face kind of lady. But even as the relatively conservative Christian that I am, I am extremely encouraged to see more women making the absolute most of their time at home in the domestic role. The internet is making the stay at home years a much less insulated and isolated place. So many more women seem to be taking the bull by the horns and are starting businesses of their own, using their talents and creativity to fulfill personal goals, help in the support of their families and leave their mark on the world of commerce even if it’s a small mark.

I think even the most coneservative woman can appreciate this for the Proverbs Thirty-oneness of it!

I’m about to highlight two such resourceful women.


Dawn is a homeschooling mother of 8 as well as a talented web-designer who, though fairly new to the career, is off to a great start! And I’ve personally adopted her as my mentor! (Thanks for letting me pick your brain Dawn! I promise I won’t pick it clean!) Check out some of her work over at Barefoot Blogs. You might even recognize some of the sites she’s designed as ones that you read regularly. If you are thinking that you might want a personalized blog design, she will no-doubt, do a terrific job!


<img src="http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y63/posiepie/cuteapron.jpg"
Writer, mom and gifted seamstress, Virginia is known in the blogosphere as The Kitchen Madonna! This woman is talented. She specializes in aprons and her aprons are just adorable, beautiful… CUTE!

I don’t know how I happened to do this but recently I have stumbled onto the fact that apron makers are everywhere! It’s somewhat of an apron empire! Seriously. I have something to admit. I never wear an apron. Unless I’m deep frying something or baking bread and that’s not very often since I don’t own a deep frier and I do own a breadmaker. Still, Virginia’s blog and website had me oohing and ahhing left and right… simply drooling over APRONS! (I’m particularly drawn to the Petite Elisabetta that you see above. Edit: I originally said “the camoflauge one” because I had gotten carried away with oogling aprons and the camoflauge one was the product of another momtrepreneur! Sorry for that confusion. But I do truly love the happy flowery one that is pictured here!) I suddenly have the strong desire to own a different apron for every day of the week! I can almost fathom donning one during the day in the June Cleaver sort of way.

Go check them out! And then maybe highlight a Momtrepreneur that you really admire on your own blog. Blogs are where advertising gets personal!

Let us know who your favorite Momtrepreneurs with an internet presence are and sign Mr. Linky.

3 thoughts on “Momtrepreneurs in the Spotlight!

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