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What task I just completed (sort of):

What subject I am teaching right now:

What is happening outside my window today:

What is making me smile today:

8 thoughts on “Random List

  1. Nan, Your boys are SO cute. I just want to squeeze the little cheeks (facial!) of the two fellas on the right and that sweet baby, Oh the sweet baby! Not to be overlooked, your oldest is looking so grown up! Yikes! I found an adorable picture from our wedding of when he was an infant. Seems like it was just yesterday!

  2. ok. i noticed your recipe button. did you do that? i want to know how to make them too. please tell. email me.

  3. Leah Belle, I have to admit, I asked a sweet internet buddy to do it for me. I’d tell her name but I’m not sure if she wants to start a button making company just yet! ;^P But when I get photoshop for myself, you can bet your buttons (sorry, couldn’t resist) that I’ll make you one (or more) and/or tell you how to do it!

  4. They are adorable! Sucking his thumb! awww- Luke still does that- not so cute on him anymore!What am I doing? NOTHING for several days!

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