I am hoping to make regular posts spotlighting Momtrepreneurs.

What is a Momtrepreneur? A Momtrepreneur is a word I made up (as far as I know) that means; a woman who simultaneously does the mom thing, (I’m particularly in awe when they do the at home mom thing), while at the same time running their own business, no matter how big or small; a brick and mortar business or an internet based business. As an at home mom and hopefully as a future momtrepreneur I feel that the one thing I can do for those that are forging through with their personal goals while either changing diapers and wiping noses or schooling their children is to pump more business their way.

Are you a Momtrepreneur? Do you know of any that deserve a spotlight feature? Tell me about it! Click on the e-mail me link in the left sidebar and make sure to make your subject line “Momtrepreneur Spotlight!” (please note: As much as I support women in these professions, I prefer not to spotlight those working in direct sales. I tried my hand at it before so this is nothing personal.)

I look forward to hearing from you!

3 thoughts on “More Momtrepreneurs?

  1. Hey Nan! I’m a blog-reading, mompreneur! My girlfriends and I started a business a few years ago. We have 11 kids between us and our business is growing. It is great fun. Check us out: http://www.mabel.caLet me know if you’d like to feature us. I’ll give you a prize for your give-aways!Tricia Mumby, Mabel’s Labels

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