Lauren @ Baseballs and Bows tagged me with a meme entitled SEVEN RANDOM THINGS.

So here they are in no particular order:

1. I am a transplanted Californian, now living in Canada.
2. I met my husband 2 weeks after graduating high school.
3. The only surgical procedure I’ve ever had had to be done twice because the first time didn’t take. (Don’t ask!!)
4. I have Approximately two large suitcases full of letters and cards to and from friends from high school and college sitting in my basement, including notes passed in class.
5. I just figured out what I want to be when I grow up.
6. I’ve kissed three boys in my life. (okay, 2 boys and one MAN.) ;^P
7. I’m contriving a plan to one day travel Europe with all of our kids when they are teenagers. (All that flying though?! ACK! That’s what they make tranquilizers for right?)

I really don’t know who to tag. So I tag no one in particular. But if you are experiencing a brain freeze and need something to post about (this meme came in handy for my fried brain today!!) have at it!

3 thoughts on “Meme Time

  1. Thanks for playing! I enjoyed reading your answers, and I cannot imagine flying across the ocean. I would, however, like to go to Europe, so if you figure out a good way, let me know!

  2. LOL Jenna… I think I know what you mean… but I think I actually meant something different. ((hangs head in shame)) I kissed two boys in highschool (one of them I only kissed once). The third guy I kissed was my husband, the man. :^DI’ve kissed 7 boys if you count my four little dudes! ;^D

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