But I didn’t.

If you are planning on handling these:

Wear a pair of these:

Or you will end up like this:

But the awesome Pico De Gallo was worth it!

In other news, my favorite blogger, who you’ve heard of a couple hundred times from me, is giving away a Nikon D70 camera tomorrow in her 1 year blogiversary “Name that Photo Contest.” Her very own. The camera that she bought just last year. The camera partly responsible for some of her incredible photography. I knew she was going to do this. It’s so like her. While I don’t know her in person, I know her via e-mail and she is every bit as kind and generous off the blog as she is on it. What you see is what you get with Ree. I only wish I knew her in person. I can only imagine that my only regret would be that I would likely wet my pants with uncontrollable laughter on a routine basis as I do whenever I’m in the same room with my friend, Corrie.

Prepare yourself for stiff competition though. She will likely have around (for a conservative estimate) 1,600 entrants!

7 thoughts on “Most idiots probably already know this…

  1. I need to get up bright and early to view her picture this time – AND get my creative juices flowing.I always end up guessing mid-afternoon and all the good ones are taken.Ree is awesome! She really has gotten quite a following in this past year, hasn’t she.

  2. Didos on Ree’s site and yes the Pico De Gallo was really good. I caught my self right at the almost last second and grabbed the gloves. Since I so rarely buy anything spicy it’s just not something I think about.Marla

  3. I learned that too making jalapeno jelly (yikes)… that oil stays on your hands and makes touching your face/eyes very painful.

  4. wasn’t that something. I’ve started reading her not very long after she started – and now I feel like I’m lost int the masses.I don’t envy her going through all those comments.I learned the hard way with peppers, too.

  5. I gotta story about peppers… but it is so not suitable for public airing. T’was very bad…but I’ll just say that everyone who heard the story tried valiantly to express their sympathy before they choked to death laughing at me.Sometimes I really think I need an anonymous blog where I can share stuff like that…

  6. I know Pam. I feel like just another number now! LOL! Not really though because I am in touch with her via e-mail every now and again and she is still just as down to earth as ever. Not full of herself with all of her popularity. :^D Though I think she maybe believes more now what we, her old time readers, told her way back then; that she needs to publish a book!!Blest… don’t worry, you don’t have to tell. I’m pretty sure I know exactly what you are talking about! When googling what to do about the pain (by the way I smeared sour cream on my hands, cold cream, all sorts of hand lotion, washed them in a baking soda paste, and slept with them in front of a fan — none of it really worked!) I read a couple of stories that made me know I didn’t have it that bad at all in comparison!

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