Well, girls, I know I’m preaching to the choir here because 90% of my readers are of the gentler gender but this post is for you 10%, you intelligent men who read my blog, I am now going to showcase some of the most practical and pleasing ways to show the Mom in your life (could be your Mom, could be the Mom of your children) that you just love and appreciate her to no end. Money is no object here! I’m shooting for the stars.

So here we go:


What Mother wouldn’t want a year (or MORE!) of Maid Service? Whether she works an office, classroom or field job or whether she spends her days teaching her own children or driving the younger set to and from all manner of appointments, practices and meetings with friends, she will surely appreciate not having to think about whether or not the toilets are company ready or if the shower drain is clogged with 5-20 years worth of grimey build-up. No one could go wrong in getting weekly or bi-weekly or even monthly maid service for that special lady in their life.

She is going to feel so liberated, having received #1 that she will loosen her belt a bit and be wanting to enjoy life a little more. She will probably express this by eating more chocolate. Perhaps there are women out there who don’t care for chocolate but I think they are in the minority. You’ll be hard pressed to find a lady who would want to beat you over the head with a horseshoe filled handbag if you purchase her a year long membership with The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club.

Of course she will love you doubly if you buy her that membership along with a year long membership at a reputable local Workout Facility or a certain sweet piece of exercise equipment.

If you’re going to get her chocolate and a gym membership, you might as well shoot for the moon. She probably wouldn’t mind a gift certificate for some incredibly cute athletic wear.

Having no major housecleaning to do, experiencing perpetual chocolately bliss, working out regularly in her adorable work-out apparel, this lady is going to feel like a million bucks. You are just going to want to bless her further still by getting her an appointment with someone who can give her the perfect look to go with it.

She feels hot. She eats chocolate. She is free of housecleaning woes and worries. She looks hot. Her entire persona is just screaming out for you to take her somewhere deliciously amazing in the knock-out new dress that you will buy for her.

Or… you could just help the little ones make Mom something like this.

Of course she’s a Mom. And being a Mom I have a pretty good handle on what the best presents are. She would probably be thrilled beyond words with a piece of heavily loaded semi-burnt toast, a glass of orange juice jauntily poured by little hands, a wilted dandelion in a Dixie cup, and a picture of a heart with her name in the middle presented to her on a tray upon waking. Or any one of those things alone. But I’d bet money that she’d happily settle with a hug and an “I love you.”

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6 thoughts on “Lunchbox Mother's Day Gift Recommendations

  1. Nan, My eyes are propped open with toothpicks. I am headed to bed without blogging AGAIN…what a hectic week! I hope I get #1 and #5. One can always hope, right?Cute ideas.

  2. All WONDERFUL ideas!You know, I’ve never even thought about having a male (that I don’t know) reading my blog! lol

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