The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain, or so I’m told. I tell ya, I’ll move there and spend my days splashing and mucking about that blasted plain as long as there is a Target nearby or as long as ships to the plain in Spain. And I’ll be the Imelda Marcos of Spain’s plain. I’ll have a different rainboot for every rainy day, because people, tell me, how is a girl to decide?Who can resist a veritable chair full of booties I mean boot full of cherries?
Or Lemony Limey Orangey Summery Wonderfulness?
Or an appley dappley boot that reminds you of a pillow case you had in the late 70’s?
Or a boot that reminds you of the white and blue low waisted sailor-girl dress you wore in third grade?
Or cupcakey boots that make you want to go whip up a batch of frosting and give you the ungodly urge to buy Maraschino cherries just because they are cute, not because they are pleasing to the palate.
Dots? Boots that make you think you stepped in a vat of glue and then unloaded your hole puncher in mid-air? Who wouldn’t want that?!
Okay…. there is no reason to not love these.
What girl can resist comic book boots? Paired with a shiny yellow rain slicker over a cute flippy red dress with white polka dots on it… I can see splashing through the city streets in an outfit like that…
Oh and this is for my goth readership. I know you’re out there! This one’s for you baby!
(((GASP))) I would wear these just about anywhere. Yes. I would. I would wear these out the door and to the store and I would wear them at the mall and in the hall and I would wear them here or there… SAY! I would wear these anywhere!!
These would be my Hawaii boots. Everyone needs a pair of boots in Hawaii. Don’t you know it rains there every day?! C’mon. Ya doubters!
I want to marry these.
I’m planning my African Safari right now just so I can have an excuse to wear these… Who am I kidding? Who really needs an excuse to wear leopard print boots? Nobody. That’s who.
These are so refined. So classy. So schooly. I am considering going back to Kindergarten just so I can wear these on the first day of school.
This one is for my biker chick readership. Thanks for readin’ babes!
***Do I hear angels singing the Hallelujah chorus?!*** I love these boots.

These would be my, “first day of spring” boots… you know, since I will have one for every day of the year.
Would Stacy and Clinton approve?! WHO stinkin’ cares?! These are adorable!

Okay so now that you are thinking all of these bootylicious thoughts, go check out the the rest of the collection and tell me which ones are your favorite ones. You can tell a lot about a person from their boot choice you know. It’s been proven. By some study. Somewhere. I promise.

15 thoughts on “Imelda Marcos Goes to Spain (the plain of Spain).

  1. Oooh! Mama needs a new pair of boots….and what lucky mom is going to buy herself a pair for Mother’s Day? ME! That’s who!!!

  2. And really, you’re honestly only going to buy one pair?! ;^P They are so cheap you could justify buying two pairs because anywhere else you would pay $60 for just one pair! (I saw some leopard print ones at a store the other day for $75!)

  3. I think I like the Oriental ones the best. But when would I wear them? I live in the DESERT! There’s always “monsoon season”, which is not what it sounds like!They are cute, though.Wendi

  4. LOL, Nan! I almost wrote a very similar post last night when I first found these. It was love at first sight, let me tell ya. And I just don’t go that nuts over shoes. But then my father-in-law started talking to me about (???? something, I couldn’t concentrate) and I knew I could not keep writing about my love for rain boots while he was looking. The magic carpet boots? That’s just the way I feel about them. Plus, they would go with my favorite shirt *and* my favorite dress, neither of which are suitable for wearing int the rain, but if I wore them together in Old Town, someone just might think I’m some quirky artist chick and then all of a sudden it would become a new craze. (How’d ya like that for a rambling?)The brown are almost too plain, but they are certainly a more sensible choice. I wish they looked a little more like my blog background. Then I would buy them in a heartbeat.Look at that! A post within a post. Who knew rain boots could inspire so much admiration? I want a pair for every mood.

  5. Wow! I haven’t seen these yet.. I need to get out and see them.. They are all so great, how do you pick just one.. May have to get one for everyday of the week :o)

  6. LOL Jenni! You are too funny and I thank you from the heart of my boots for making me aware of their existence. Now… if only we could get Target to open a store in CANADA!!! ARGH!I’m with you Kristy! I’ll take them all!

  7. I couldn’t live without Target. That’s downright primitive. You are such a good wife to follow your dh to the wilds of Canada. 🙂

  8. I am having a very hard time deciding…I really DO need new muckboots..Any advice as to what the fashion divas suggest for pasture work? I am leaning toward the cherry print..If only they had a slicker to match..I know I could get on the cover of ..umm…something..I am really enjoying your blog…

  9. Hi Marye! Thanks for commenting! I love meeting the people who are reading! (It’s funny because I know I have almost 200 hits a day but a relatively small amount of comments so when I get a new commenter I get all happy and giddy and excited like!)I went to check out your blog but then discovered that picking which blog to focus on was about as hard as picking a cute new pair of boots! Which one is your most frequently posted to blog?As for the boots… really… how is one to decide? Capitalism is such a trial isn’t it?! ;^P I would seriously have trouble picking just one pair. I’d be forced to get at least three! LOL

  10. i love, love, love the rainboots at i actually bought a pair but they run really huge, so they didn’t fit me and i kept tripping in them. so sold them to a friend of mine. and then i went back to and they were sold out of every size in that style. i have a picture of them on my blog. green polka dots. and i agree, i would prefer EVERY single pair. one each day.

  11. Umm…Hi, I am MArye and I am a verb-aholic.. I have to admit I write on all of them almost everyday. :/ If you want food go to the food one, homeschooling-go to the homeschool one…restoration update…well you get the idea. OCD..THAT’S ME! 🙂 I really think that the cherry ones are my choice. It sort of feeds my inner Donna Reed.

  12. I believe these are called Wellies. I work in NYC and Philadelphia. When it rains, all of the women break these out. It’s kind of weird seeing these mix and matched with a “power suit” but it does happen!Great blog!

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