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I decided to join in on Spotlight Sunday started by my bluddy (a term coined by Robin) which is short for blog buddy, anyways Spotlight Sunday was started by Toni a couple of weeks ago so I’m joining in today!

Today I’m sending you over to Karmyn’s blog, Dreaming What Ifs. Karmyn is just funny. She runs with a funny bloggy crowd too! I’m glad I ran into her blog a while back, I think because she started commenting over at Ree’s blog and I’m just tickled pink (there’s that stupid phrase that I never use in real life again! Argh!) that she has graced me with her presence here and even leaves comments to prove it! Thanks Karmyn!

I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Spotlight Sunday!

  1. Oh WOW! Thank You – I’m very honored… I’ve actually been reading Ree since she started her blog – just don’t comment on every post of hers…sometimes when a blogger gets +50 comments every day I only comment when I really feel the need….turned lurker, I suppose. (so, if you suddenly get 50 comments and don’t hear from me – don’t assume I’ve stopped reading!!!!!)

  2. Yeah! you are awesome for joining us! Can’t wait to check her out!Have a happy Mother’s day Nan! You deserve it!

  3. Thanks for adding me to Mr. Linky Toni. Sunday mornings are busy for me as you might imagine. It’s a small miracle that I posted at all! LOL!Karmyn, I know what you mean. I’ve been reading Ree’s blog since her first post and now… gosh, do you sometimes feel just like one of the nameless rabble of commenters. Except that I do e-mail with Ree every once in a while and that makes me feel like one of the popular girls or something. The blogosphere is painfully similar to high school sometimes! LOL!Happy to highlight you today! I don’t get to comment on other peoples’ blogs as much as I want to just due to busyness but I do try to get around to all my favorite blogs at least a couple of times a week!

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