When my husband first tried to cajole and convince me that I would love blogging, I teasingly mocked him, saying that blogs are only for people who like to hear themselves talk. Just for people who like to toot their own horns.

Little did I know how quickly I would become one such individual.

Are you kidding? This is the blogosphere, BlogLand, Blogtopia… tooting ones own horn is the name of the game. The only people who have public blogs are people that do so like to toot their own horns now and then. They believe they have something to say and doggonit they are going to say it whether it is seen by their one daily reader or their 9,764 daily readers! So, okay… in Blogland I really am one to toot my own horn because, well… no apologies, this blog is all about me, myself and I (oh… and my life, my family, my likes and dislikes, my hot topics, my struggles, my faith…) The common denominator there is me though so there is no denying, this blog is about me.

Shut up. Your blog is about you too!! You know it.

(Now onto the real point of this post, which of course has something to do with me…)

So the other day I decided that I would love to do just a little thing for my buddy Ree. I can’t do anything grand because let’s face it, I have four sons two of whom are supposed to have daily lessons and a laundry pile to go with, a little dog that thinks she is human, lots of dishes and most importantly I have blogging to do, e-mails to check and world wide webs to unravel. I’m swamped. But I did ever so much want to have Ree’s recipes on recipe cards so that I wouldn’t have to risk splattering a couple of cups of melted butter into my keyboard or something. I knew a couple of other people had been wishing for a hardcopy too. So I made them and sent them to Ree to share with her readers.

And the sweet girl went and gave me some link love for my efforts. Really, Ree does so much to make so many people smile every day so I figured I could do one itsy bitsy little thing for her (especially since her to-do list outdoes mine in length by a couple hundred miles I think.) But I just wanted to share with you all the power of a little bit of link love from Ree.

This is my statcounter summary from 9:00 a.m.

And at 11:15 p.m.

8 thoughts on “I'm never one to toot my own horn….

  1. We think alike!I was going to come over and beg you to tell me how many hits you get today!!!This will be your biggest day ever, I bet :o)So cool for you.And that was really sweet of you to make those cards for Ree :o)

  2. Wow- that was really nice of you. I love Ree’s blog… in fact, she inspired me to get a really nice camera. My pictures still don’t look like hers, though!

  3. Loved the recipe cards and love the chance I have to come scope out your blog! Great hits…wow!

  4. Hi, I’m one those who found your blog via Ree. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t know her but using her name just makes me feel like I do! I love her blog and check in daily. Now I’ll be visiting you every day too. Great site.

  5. WOW!!! That is some Linkage Love!!! I saw that this morning and will have to check those recipe cards out – I need her recipe for Chocolate cake.

  6. I love this post. You are so right, we are horn-tooters aren’t we? Funny. How nice to have someone with such big readership to refer her readers to you. I have actually stopped looking at my site meter very much. I do enjoy hearing from those who read though.

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