My dear friend Corrie recently wrote a post about some of the awful (my boys would love them) creepy crawly things wonderful multi-legged creations of God that she encounters on a regular basis while living her life in the beautiful state of Texas.

In so doing she accidentally brought up a couple of memories of my own from our years living in Texas… and I was about to post it in her comments but realized I got a bit carried away…

You also haven’t been to Texas unless you have chased a gecko around your baby’s room because you were not going to sleep with that thing near your baby’s crib because you’ve heard horrible rumors about geckos finding the warmest place to go to sleep, which in a baby’s room is obviously in the baby’s mouth and you are from California so you don’t know if it’s a rumor based on fact or a suburban legend thrust at young mothers just to make them have one more thing to worry about and all you can think about is your baby son choking on a baby gecko in the middle of the night. So you madly chase around the room, tearing boxes out from under cribs, waving brooms and moving large pieces of furniture with the sheer brute strength of your mother bear nature and rejoice when you think you’ve caught it but all you’ve really got in your hand is the wiggling detached tail of the gecko. So you vomit in your mouth at the thought of having just removed a baby gecko’s tail and flush the tail. You then go back in for the chase until you’ve caught the rest of the gecko and you proceed to mercilessly flush it too only to discover that there is another lizard that just ran in the door with your husband when he came in from the garage at which point you scream, “CURSE YOU TEXAS AND ALL OF YOUR EVIL CREEPY CRAWLY CRITTERS THAT INHABIT YOU!!” (but you only partly mean it because Texas is the prettiest place in the Spring time and you know a lot of nice people who call it home… Oh and you also have a terrible weakness for run on sentences but nobody has to know about that. Shhh.)

6 thoughts on “You haven't been to Texas until….

  1. Nan, You are so funny and so right! I just saw a Gecko in the house this morning! You would understand my problems with Texas because we were both raised in the perfect climate, where the Mexican food is Mexican and not Tex-Mex, etc. The people who were raised here just think this armpit of a climate is fine and they don’t mind these critters that you would only see in a zoo exhibit in other states! Anyway, I’m stuck here I think. So, congrats on the link from Ree. I was reading her blog this morning and almost fell out of my chair when I saw your name! You did a great job on the recipe cards and what a thoughtful gal you are! Really cool, Nan! Talk to you soon.Love!

  2. It’s not the gecko’s that bother me…it’s the roaches. I definitely did not miss them during my stay in Calgary.

  3. oh gross. that is hilariuos, but also scary thinking of a little baby choking on one of those. whether it’s true or not. it reminded me of our week in a rental house in puerto vallarta. geckos on the walls and creepy crawly things under my feet. eeeek.

  4. Wow Nan, I feel like I need to catch my breath after reading that. That’s hysterical. What you don’t realize is that it was a conspiracy that we native Texans do to any foreigner who visits. Can’t wait for you to come back to Texas so we can show some new bugs.

  5. I’m a Texas transplant of six years, from Missouri. I live in the sand so I can’t get anything to grow and I can’t stand the fire ants!!!! A couple of summers in a row we had them in the house and in our bed. What a wake up call! But I have to say, at least we don’t have tics like we did in MO. I haven’t had a tic on me in 6 years. How many country folk in MO can say that?

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