Because I like movies and because Netflix is a really cool company who likes giving stuff away, I am the lucky woman who gets to award 5 of my readers with a 6 months free trial of Netflix service! I’m incredibly jealous of whoever wins because Netflix isn’t quite yet available in Canada and boy… do we ever rack up the late fees at our local video store. They must love us there.

So, tell all your homies to get over here tomorrow, Thursday May 17th by Midnight and enter for a chance to win! And with 5 of these babies to give away, the odds are going to be pretty good!

Tomorrow’s contest will be in the form of a short movie related quiz. Oh and it helps if you know how to read minds too (or if you are a good guesser) because it’s going to be about movies, in relation to yours truly. Moi. (Didn’t I tell you just two days ago that this blog is about me?! I don’t think I owe any apologies for this folks!) The five people who get the most answers correct will be the winners!

To enter make sure you are familiar and okay with the following details:

Here’s how it works: You provide us with the full name and mailing address of the winners. Netflix sends a card via mail with a code they can use to get six months of free service with the $14.95 plan (where you can have three movies checked out at a time). That’s it. And the winner’s details will not be used for any other purposes. *This is open to U.S. residents only.


*Sorry to all my Non-American blog readers! I don’t even qualify to win my own contest prize!

***Woohooo!!! Doin’ the happy dance that I get to host my very own give-away!***

6 thoughts on “I Like Movies

  1. Could you please ask questions only about movies I have seen? 🙂 That’s a really great prize!

  2. Sounds like a fun contest! And, thanks for letting me know that this is about YOU. I missed that 😉 *lol*

  3. I already have a Netflix membership (and LOVE it – recommend it)….is it open to current members or only to new ones????

  4. Blockbuster seems to be gradually moving from its so-called “end to late fees”, but as far as I know Rogers is still up to that sillyness.Netflix might not be available in Canada, but have you tried (or some of the other Canadian netflixish movie rental sites)

  5. Thanks! I have been reading you for a couple of days…keeping it up, though! Cool contest…can’t wait!!

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