First off let me just say that I cracked up laughing at some of the answers and will now have more Napolean Dynamite lines in my head than I have room for in there. The chapstick line made me start laughing just sitting here reading it and replaying that part of the movie again in my head. Gosh!

Secondly, you all are GREAT sports for participating in my first contest, one which involved creativity and the secret power of the telepathic spoon bender’s neighbor, mind reading. I realize that it’s really hard to guess the faves of a total stranger and even of a dear loved one.

My dear mother is proof of that. Love you mom. But you managed to get 0 correct! :^D That’s okay… I know you are up on the important things in my life.

Before I tell my own answers I must first share a few observations. One of the hardest questions was probably who I would cast as myself and my husband in a movie about our lives. I was astounded by the unity that Reese Witherspoon would play a good sassy wife of a minister and Mom of four boys but now that I think about it, I can totally picture it. And she’s undeniably cute! ;^P There was also a certain amount of unanimity that Johnny Depp would make a good husband to Nan in the very boring (on the Hollywood scale) movie about our lives. I’m still processing that concept!

Some of you chose movies for the chick flick question, the funny question and the “knows by heart” question that were second place picks on my own list but not my #1 picks. I so wanted to give you points for just being *that* close but I have already botched this contest up enough so changing the rules again wouldn’t exactly be very fair I suppose!

I have to admit to never having seen Airplane or Terms of Endearment (though I know the theme song because it seemed like half the piano students played it, if they were a girl, at Piano Recitals about 23 years ago… and they played the theme song from Rocky or Chariots of Fire if they were a boy.) I know, it’s terrible. I actually have wanted to see Airplane because I know that it’s a favorite with many but when I’ve had the inkling to watch it I could never find it in the video store.

Okay. I won’t torture you anymore!

Here were my own answers:

#1 My favorite chick flick is PRIDE & PREJUDICE

#2 In a movie about our lives I would cast DREW BARRYMORE as myself and HARRY CONNICK JR. as my darling husband. The only reasons for doing so is because both of us have actually been told that we resemble these folks (I’m sure to a very small degree!) But my husband thanks all of you who thought he looked like Ben Affleck or Matthew McConaughey.

#3 The movie that is certain to make me cry every single time is SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. I think I cry about 3 or 4 times every time I watch that movie. But you know the part that gets me everytime? When the little medic boy is burbling up blood and obviously dying and nobody can do a thing for him, he cries, “Mama…” Gets me every time. I guess it’s partly cause I’m a boy mama. **sniff sniff** My second pick for this category would have been Braveheart.

#4 The movie that I have consistantly cried laughing at and almost peed my pants (would I tell you if I really did?!) is HITCH. If you haven’t seen this yet, I highly recommend it. Maybe you can make it one of your first Netflix picks! It’s only been out on video for a little over a year I think but I pretty much die laughing every time I watch it. Love that movie. For some ridiculous reason we keep renting it rather than buying it but it’s one that I have seen at least three times. I certainly could have bought it now for the price I’ve paid renting it and paying the ridiculous late fees. Sheesh… I could have had a couple months worth of Netflix for how much I’ve spent on that one movie alone at the video store!

#5 Most oft repeated Napolean Dynamite quote in our house is, “TINA, COME EAT YOUR HAM!” I don’t know why but that is the one that has made a permanent space for itself in our repertoir. Followed closely though by, “Build her a cake or something.”

#6 The movie that I know pretty much by heart is THE PRINCESS BRIDE, though it pained me to have to turn down those who said Anne of Green Gables because that is a close second!

So now for the WINNERS!!


Lauren S. from Baseballs and Bows and Gail from More than a Song both got TWO CORRECT! They both got #1 and #6 correct! So they are automatic winners!


Several others got one answer correct and their names were entered for a random drawing. Here are the three winners from that draw:


CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS! Hit the E-mail me link in my left sidebar and send my your info (full name and snail mail address). I will pass it on to my Netflix dude and he will get your code in the mail to you.
(I promise next time I’ll make the prizes easier to win!)

P.S. I didn’t post this until after midnight. For some reason I cannot get my timestamp to reflect reality. I’ve adjusted the time settings to Mountain Daylight Time but it’s still off for the posts I’ve already made. They had way too many choices and I don’t know if I selected the right one! I just didn’t want anyone to think that I cut the contest short too early (of course I forgot to specify which time zone I was meaning.) **sigh**

11 thoughts on “You folks have pretty good instincts!

  1. Wooo hooo! I can’t BELIEVE I am first to post a COMMENT!!! (Hiney tingle–yeah, now you know where I came from 😉 ). ALSO, I can’t believe I actually WON!!!! Woooo hoooo! Thanks so much!Gotta tell you, Airplane is FULL of puns, and that is why I liked it oh so long ago. It also helped that I watched it after surgery and was feeling mighty fine with those painkillers! 🙂 Amazing I could follow along…. Saw My Girl that same recovery period with my sis-in-law (at my home) and we bawled our eyes out–sobbing and couldn’t stop. Yeah, great meds. 🙂 Funny, Cocoon did the same thing to me in the theatre with a friend when we were in high school. SOB! Haven’t watched it since. I remember getting after my daughter for calling some girl named Tina a fat lard…and her rolling off the couch in laughter.Never seen Saving Private Ryan–tried to, but didn’t want to be upset. Haven’t seen Schindler’s List, either. Haven’t seen Hitch, either.Okay, another novel! You may block me from your blog with all of the space I take up! *hangs head* Off to bed with me (after I email you my info!). Thanks again! (Told a friend about your blog–hope you see her!)

  2. OH!!!! Thanks, too, Netflix! Been wanting to try you out, but haven’t yet. A friend buys Netflix subscriptions as gifts…good idea, hmmmm?

  3. Woo Hoo! I won! I have Blockbuster right now, but lately I’ve been so frustrated with them that I’ve been considering the leap to Netflix. Now I get to try it out for a while first! Thanks again Nan.Oh, and I love Hitch too–especially the scene where he’s trying to teach the Kevin James’ character to dance.And I think I can quote all of Princess Bride too. :)Robin

  4. Oh my goodness, this is so exciting! We’ve been wanting to try Netflix for a while, and now we can. Thank you so much, Nan, for sponsoring and organizing all of this. And thanks to Netflix for the great prize, I can’t wait :)Have a great day!!!

  5. DANG – I missed it.But I do say – you have GOOD TASTES in favorite movies. (Mr. Darcy always makes me sigh…) (when he sees her at his estate – I go weak kneed.)

  6. Sorry ya missed it Karmyn! And between you and me (and obviously the rest of the internet) that is the exact scene that makes me go weak in the knees too… Is it the one where he just comes up from swimming? That’s the one I’m talking about. **sigh**

  7. Hi Nan, have you seen North and South? Because I used to love P&P until I saw N&S. Mr. Thornton beats Mr. Darcy, hands downs! If you haven’t seen it yet, you MUST MUST MUST order from Netflix. Ha ha, I know you can’t get Netflix – just teasing you. But beg, borrow, or steal a copy.

  8. After reading the answers, I was saying to myself–Oh, yeah! That’s right. I should have entered. I remember now.You and I were destined to be friends even if only for our love of Napoleon.

  9. do yo know I actually went back through your archives looking for hints… scanning through – looking for something that would catch my attention.Pride & Prejudice was the only one I came up with so I didn’t even play.Drew ? now thats interesting.

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